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cheap self promotion, period.
Why im quitting CS (reasons)
IMO there is nothing we can do. Prime account could've been the solution for smurfs/cheaters but... Smurfing cunts have prime accounts like it's nothing lol. How can you get multiple cell phone number...
Why im quitting CS (reasons)
I upload all the my MM links on and I realized at least 55-60% of games I got cheater(s). BUT still the biggest issue is smurfs. I really agree with you. Since matching system is broken ...
Renegades vs SCARZ Absolute
and anime being destroyed, koala guy just disappears why is he not supporting his team when they need support? don't understand anime logic. hes just spreading some quality cringes here and there.
SK vs Russia
Uh... Did SK just throw the major for this shit? Struggling against a mix team is fucking unacceptable...
Cloud9 vs SCARZ Absolute
why C9 always get easiest opponents??? so rigged
Tainted Minds vs Chiefs
why did they decide to play nuke when they completely don't know how to play the map???
OpTic vs Misfits
* Marved will stand-in for Twistzz no Twistzz no party
NiP vs LDLC = who throws harder against force buy
lol pure tier3 match here
Renegades vs CLG
picked train wtf why not cobble?
Spirit vs HellRaisers
It was not spirit, but HR. They just played purely bad. Unnecessary push and missed critical shots. maybe it's called "throw" idk.
Tengri vs Gambit
wow I didn't know that ty mate
Tengri vs Gambit
what? is BABAM ruski or something? last time I watched him casting he spoke london.
Misfits vs Denial
Round over - Winner: CT (9-8) - Enemy eliminated maxie killed seang@res with cz75a (headshot) maxie killed SicK with cz75a maxie killed twistzz[C] with cz75a (headshot) anger killed ShahZaM with p...