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Bad CSGO habits
f and r my knife 5 times if i feel stress Even if i should not
Bad CSGO habits
17pm seriusly? Isn't 17am?
post amazing landscapes of your country
Ángel falls Venezuela the highest waterfall in the world (1000 meters) Amazon rain forest.
Some girls are Evil enough to play mind games with men. Some just enjoy it because they are insecure and they need to have some sort of control. So... Do you trust yourself? From 0 to 100 how much do ...
Country known for...
It is not just a fu(|<ing leaf. It's a fu(|<ing fallen and dry leaf
"kid" as an insult
I haven't experienced this kind of problems since long time ago maybe because trust factor as i said #79 The answer to your question is: yes i don't care, yes i move on like an adult. I report and car...
"kid" as an insult
Lol 😂😂😂
"kid" as an insult
Ok, then tell me how do you do to: "simple ask the parents of the kid to tell him to stop" when the kid teamflash you/blocks you/shoot you/buy awp on eco round/stay AFK for 3 rounds. I think i get yo...
PC Build
I think You Will be fine I am in LOVE with seasonic's Power supply, they build some high end Power supply for evga as well. Whatever you choose evga ir seasonic your pc build is ok. HF
PC Build
Is It your pc build meant to play csgo only? If not ---> you are good to go with It If yes ---> i would make some changes to achieve more performance at same budget
"kid" as an insult
For example: A kid was kicking my Seat on a plane flight. It bother me no Matter my age and no Matter how immature i am. It is just a fact. Some kids may bother you no Matter what. Edit: my bed Engl...
"kid" as an insult
Not agree. I'm 37 yo A kid may bother you even if you are 50 But i haven't experienced this kind of "problems" since long time ago maybe because trust factor