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NiP vs Vega Squadron
Its happening
NiP vs Vega Squadron
Oh god. Oh no. Not this. Not again. Not in the major qualies.
your 3-0 / 0-3?
NiP 3-0 FURIA 0-3
Worst moment in human history?
Tuesday, 12th of June 2001. My birthdate.
[+18] r8 song
I don't really mind trap in general, as a genre it doesn't excite me too much. I'd listen to it but I wouldn't get hyped or anything. Same goes for jap trap
Roast yourself
I'm a 17 year old with too little relationship experience and I'm too picky with the girls I like
Roast yourself
will fuck nothing next week..
[+18] r8 song
Of course Japan has trap music aswell. It's as dissapointing as trap in general, but in Japanese
your countries rap
The lyrics are worth translating, even with shitty Google translate. They should be there on the first comment of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfrL8BS4kHw
Moving my setup
Luko maluko
Moving my setup
How much does it cost to move a gaming setup to another country Slava
Moving my setup
Its not even that expensive but youre right on the anime part
Moving my setup
I did so and found out before making this thread. You are right indeed about HLTV and I guess I looked for an opinion from someone who may already have moved their setup. Thanks for looking for it an...
Moving my setup
Thank you for the advice aswell. I'm quite sure I asked for other advice though :/
Moving my setup
I mean, from Greece to UK, how much would it cost? I thought it's really expensive to carry stuff on a plane. A moving company would be better though, for which I havent accounted costs for