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Right wing morality?
Denying climate change and billionaires to own the libs amirite Pepega
Rate my beat
your 808's are not even in the same key as everything else lol, trap producers are garbage lmao
FL studio users ! Help!!
the hi-hats dont fit, mixed pretty well though. Sounds like a typical generic future bass song though...
was gaddafi a bad guy?
Libyan here, everyone in this thread is wrong, one of the worst leaders to ever run a country. Glad he's dead.
EDM garbage
top 5 best countrys
coming from a russian where you all drive like retards, everyone has a dashcam and people wear tracksuits 24/7 while beating up gay people. Oh and your the cancer of cs
why are you being a white knight, ignore it you triggered cuck
Thoorin Gold Nova 3
His rank shouldn't matter since he's not even an ""analyst"", just a historian that tells which you maps each team likes to play, but he's been playing for more than 10 years so you'd think he'd at le...
GTX 550ti
you won't get 200, I have an EVGA GTX 550Ti right now, on 1024, high settings you will get like 180-250 fps on most maps. 1080p will give you around 100fps.
1.Don't need that cooler. 2.Could use a cheaper case most likely. 3.Why not just get a 1TB hard drive then upgrade if you really need it later. 4.Keyboards are the last thing you really need to spe...
plantronics RIG gamecom commander
Worst country to play with ?
Russians, Turks, French
your logic is great, typical adidas wearing ruski blockhead
how do i get energy
Carbs cause you to crash and burn actually, you feel great initially but then you get drowsy. Protein, caffeine and sugar will keep you awake
are you serious lol