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Heroic vs Apeks
Trying to rationally diagnose results instead of saying "iS sCrIpTeD" ? not on my HLTV
TeamOne vs New England Whalers
BOOBIE left the team a while back. He was a stand in ever since. ADDENDUM:
Liquid vs New England Whalers
He's an ingame leader in a scene with no ingame leaders
Liquid vs RBG
Yeah idk how RBG are struggling against these Liquid bots
Liquid vs RBG
Imperium, Rebirth, New England Whalers, Mythic, team oNe, and soon paiN would beat them Kappa
FURIA vs New England Whalers
This match is going in my archives
FURIA vs New England Whalers
Liquid vs Chaos
-IGL +inexperienced fragger I dont like Stewie2k's style of leadership but I'll take what Stewie provides over no leadership at all
TeamOne vs RBG
Very hard fought for Ruth Bader Ginsburg Esports
Evil Geniuses vs New England Whalers
NiKo and s1mple are more consistent and better
Evil Geniuses vs New England Whalers
New England have the T side but they don't have the firepower to compete, so obviously they get demolished on CT side
Chaos vs Mythic
I always end up regretting visiting the comments section of HLTV
Chaos vs Mythic
Because they are less competitive on average so they dont work as hard at it. It's like the idea that NA players are genetically inferior to EU players. We aren't, we're just a bunch of lazy bitches t...
Chaos vs Mythic
Good player is a good player regardless of gender
paiN vs Secret Club
Remember when FURIA lost to Gorilla Gang? Remember when FURIA lost to Fam143 with high ping? Everyone starts somewhere, and BR teams have a fantastic track record of improving