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BlackOut vs Mythic
oderus was quiet in yesterday's game but not today
AZIO vs Vision
Pretty ridiculous considering they played two lans the past two months which is pretty good for NA MDL standards
HLTV upvote/downvote
It wouldn't prevent freedom of speech it would just encourage emotional circlejerking and less discussion.
is this pc good?
You thought it was OP, but it was me, Dio!
is this pc good?
I wish I could buy those. But im stuck on a 760k and R9 270 for now
Snax Or Styko???
There is always the possibility the roles in mousesports can shift around and make the team stronger than previously, but STYKO was a better teamplayer. I wish he would have stayed not cause I care ...
is this pc good?
I said budget. I dont plan on OCing so I dont need state of the art
is this pc good?
Suggest me some new and better budget air coolers. I'm on a Hyper T2 right now and I'm regretting it
is this pc good?
94 dollars is cheap? Fuck me man maybe this trucking job just isn't for me
You better hope its a sane person. Because you fucking democrats have lost the plot
mibr or col
mibr are going to spread that butthole wider than the Lochnagar coL are overrated and will lose
How can Trump still be liked?
"PS you probably cant, or is some nieche thing only benefiting a small portion of the world..." OP is a globalist. The only actions they want taken are to be to the benefit of the entire world (an im...
Who will be the winning candidate?
Guilty as charged!
No. The problem is being against fascism, then defining non-fascistic things as fascist. Trump is fascist how? How is allowing the Russia investigation to happen fascist? Democrats wanted information ...