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Liquid awper
And WARDELL doesn't seem to have attitude problems
MIBR vs Liquid
Any other team in the world would be able to get more than 1 round using a coach. Just because Twistzz is missing now Liquid are absolute shit LUL. Hogwash, Liquid are retarded fucking chokers and the...
New Optic Team
Where'd you hear that to
Spacestation vs
Voltage and oderus in one team why?
Bravado vs Living Like Larry
I just wish someday I would be proud of the NA region but seems like a pipe dream now. Even in League of Legends EU are making strides once again. It's annoying always being the worse region
How to aim calmly?
If you are playing something like ESEA/Faceit, probably want to start off with MM, a environment where you can still get shit on for playing bad, but the pressure is not as bad as ESEA/Faceit. Play a ...
Bravado vs Living Like Larry
No. I mean how all of the teams in the NA qualifier are absolute cancer and have aids names
How to aim calmly?
You probably want to play in pressuring situations, but less pressuring than the games you are struggling in, so you can learn to calm yourself. It's about gradual exposure and shit like that
Bravado vs Living Like Larry I dont want to kill mysel...
x6tence Galaxy vs Movistar Riders
Am I crazy? Is Jony Boy standing in or is he a permanent addition? Was he playing from Argentina?
Rougue, NRG and C9 changes
Finally someone that understands that just taking EU players and putting them on NA teams will not help the NA region
wtff g2
Another semi finals appearance for Europe. Why does the fucking world do this to me
wtff g2
NA is about to massively disappoint. Can't wait to kill myself
New Optic Team
Fair point with the first paragraph. I would hope H3CZ hasn't sunken to that level with the second paragraph.
New Optic Team
Maybe they can sign an NA MDL team and assign that team a manager. Then the team cant fucking disband every third match they play