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Liquid vs Gen.G
Hmm and yet, you'll be watching ESL Pro League Season 12 North America tomorrow as well. See you there!
Liquid vs Gen.G
Polish last name = always good player
Liquid vs Cloud9
I at least have GODSENT to lean on. kRYSTAL never lets me down.
Liquid vs Cloud9
I already knew this team was dead when nitr0 left. A Stewie2k led team is good for one or two off tournaments. It's not good for a base foundation. I've lost interest in CSGO anyway so it doesn't hur...
Gen.G vs 100 Thieves
Like who? low tier NA has been reamed out. Theres nothing left
Heroic vs GODSENT
kRYSTAL deserves success. I love him
Imperial vs Dignitas
Dear diary, it's day 1243 and I still don't get what makes Brazil so much better as a whole scene than NA
MIBR vs Apeks
Hindsight is 2020 but if FalleN had jumped ship earlier rather than following the rabbit down the well, I could see him making FaZe a historic team.
That's the standard excuse I"m expecting but you will never know until kRYSTAL is removed from the team. Hint: It never works out well for the team
kRYSTAL showing a masterclass in ingame leadership being able to 0-11 a reasonably good team (ever since they got Jamppi) and still frag terribly.
MIBR vs Copenhagen Flames
If they didn't care about results, they should have stayed in NA where they can look artificially good by posting close games against severely declined teams like Liquid and EG who are living off of p...
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
They were shit before. People thought he made them better. Who knows why they're so bad now.
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
Liquid aren't even chokers, they're just not good. Any team led by Stewie is not going to be consistent, and if they are consistent, its consistently dumpster.
Liquid vs Cloud9
oSee most consistent. No one talks about him when talking about prospects from C9
MIBR vs G2
Yeah but youre showing me a pic of someone from SA and then throwing NA into the mix. I think we all know who you REALLY want to rag on