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a taste of what they can do.. keep dreaming retard. they played worste than most top 20-30 teams they last 20maps and then 1 map they all have a great game and you guys blow up haha
hes so bad, it hurts to watch him play 9/10 maps
dude please.. stfu. take of your coloured glasses, fallen, fer, cold has tried everything and they are still shit. yes they were good a long time ago, but they wont be that again, its obvious. 1 good ...
game of his life lol. he wont play like that again for another 6months
Finns >> Danish
well it wasnt really ez4ence now was it? got fucked. the song was so cringe i could puke for days and the support was from mainly polish retards that are so mad cuz astralis was and is so much better ...
2015 fnatic vs astralis today?
i'd say 65% of the times astralis would win, 35% for fnatic.
fnatic and nip era>astralis era
fnatic.. LG.. NIP.. you cant put them at the same shelf as astralis anymore.
those that thought the honey moon win over astralis was legit.. lol. what a fluke they are. stewie is overrated as fuck btw.
Real Madrid
i dont like real.. but you cant say they got shit on just because barca are winning 3-0.. real was actually the better team for 90% of the game today.
Apex Legends......
apex is literally dog shit if you are above 13 years old.. i cant believe anyone would play something like that. you are delusional
Make a 2nd Danish team
i dont think there is space for both kjaerbye and k0nfig IGL: Karrigan AWP: Jugi Support: Valde Star/entry: K0nfig or Kjaerbye last could be Aizy, Niko or maybe someone young as refrezh
you are embarrassing yourself and NaVi.. NavI isnt even close to liquid and liquid isnt even closet to astralis. wake up from your dream ruski
s1mple vs dev1ce in STATS
simple is way more skilled than device, and does frag more for sure. But theres so many other factors people forget about, like teamplay, decision making, calling/communicating where in most of other...
TOP-5 players atm
you using the word camping, just tells everyone you are not more than 13 years old and silve 3
FaZe Tactics sucks
faze are so lucky in these ct rounds, horrible setups they have