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Top5 by impact ?
Not even close to era yet, only won a few tournaments, beginning of 2017 astralis had the same, people just say it looks to be an era, they will have to win major +2-3 other tournaments after imo for ...
ok usa> germany in cs. your best achievement is making finals at colonge. c9 did that last year. usa players have won multiple tournaments.
i like americans
? im talking about kkk murdering black people and discrimination against assimilation.
RIP autimatic
No, that is not true, once you play minor that is the only team you can play for in the circuit.
what triggers you the most
what triggers you the most
Damn, that was so well written, i wouldn't be suprised if it was copy and pasted from an article about ethics.
R8 chick <3
please tell me that is a meme and not style.
i like americans
historically it was Missouri though, but they seemed to cool off more than the other ones trihard said.
i like americans
Most of the racists in us don't use the internet and don't live in a lot of vacation cities.
Espiranto arrogant?
does he think a good team is going to pick up a kid that is really rude to everyone on twitter and can't act like an adult? blows my mind.
2 major in 2019
+1, visas are easier to get, so it won't be like woxic missing every event he qualifies for, or nemiga not being able to go to minor.
Top 5 right now
this man does have a point xD, all c9 players are major winners but they only have 3 players.
Tarik 'Snake' Celik
+1, mibr makes more money, and you get to play with 3 top 10 players from the previous year.
Brazilian cenario fix
horvy or nak or art or chelo or pashabiceps or mertz or mixwell.*
ZyWoo to Mouz
he destroyed ldlc recently, a team that wins epl matches.