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I would say unless he gets more consistent you can't call him top 5 on his day. A lot of people can play really good when they are hitting their shots. FNS should make him play better, lets see how h...
3 years of lifting and running, no six pack
I'm sorry but I have really bad sleeping habits and I still have a six pack, what does sleep have to do with abs? doesn't it just have to do with building muscle?
not sure if that's a bait, but tarik, autimatic, and rush are all really good t1 players, fns is a really good igl, and skadoodle is inconsistant. they are a t1 team, they are a better version of fnat...
he is really consistant, it doesn't amaze people when he does good almost every game.
Step up with low fps ?
Do you have a gpu? if you don't but have pci 16 lane then get hd 6350 on ebay for 6 usd. edit: hd 6350 is good for 60-100 fps.
Dumb Cloud9 fans
im one of the biggest c9 fans, I had hltv thread supporting him cause I thought it was unfair, he has always made teams better just by being on them for more than a couple weeks. He made complexity wa...
Asus VG248QE fix
it is the second botton from the left on the buttom, it has the gamepad looking thing, and the down arrow.
Bravado vs FeelsUnderAgeMan
idk man, I guess, but I think oBo can do the best out of any of them in the future if cs:go lasts that long.
Asus VG248QE fix
when you click on the button for timer or on screen crosshair.
it is a HLTV user not an hltver omg.
Asus VG248QE fix
yes, what is your opinion on using on screen crosshair for it than real one, then you get one with awp too? i personally think it should be easier to import them.
Asus VG248QE fix
I use it but just default settings sir.
make a team
tarik- entry player elige- baits tarik snappi- igl s1mple- star player fugly- support
BIG at belo horizonte
it wasn't super tryhard but we already know what to expect, they will beat anyone that isn't at the top of their game in the top 10.
#TOP5 Bright future players.
issa meme, cause they all in the scene for a LONG time.