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Do it on lan https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/compare/18835/saffee/14494/junior?p1TimeFilter=2021&p2TimeFilter=2021&p1MatchFilter=Lan&p2MatchFilter=Lan&p1MapFilter=allMaps&p2MapFilter=allMaps
Super team of 2021 result
I was referring to all time, since there have been many periods in which s1mple didn't main awp. RIght now I would agree with you though, except my reasons aren't because of s1mple or zywoo. More so t...
Super team of 2021 result
mediocre team, #33 is def better than yours in almost every way. When niko rifles he plays too much like ropz, so no point in having both. You are wrong about zywoo, he is the best awper. s1mple is ju...
Python Programmers Come
First off, I'm not even going to try to debug your code when it is formatted like that. If your error has something to do with a tab, then I will never know. edit: have a link to something that can h...
Why no consistency
Since g2 starting playing worse, there have been way more undisciplined peaks, and poor trade fragging. They have good setups, flashes, and some decent executes/strats. When they are losing by a lot, ...
rain was a good entry when niko igled, so + rain olof is a good support player, so + olof kjaerbye won a major in 2017 so + him broky was almost top 20 last year, promising awper. + broky
Why no consistency
prior to pro league, g2 was very consistent. heroic have been mostly consistent. The main reason is that SOO many of the top 20 teams have had roster changes in the last 1-3 months, which will totall...
I just went 0 17
mm is free in Europe and NA.
-amanek +smooya
cold too xD. why not? he isn't especially smart as a player, just really good aim. When he igl's it looks a random advanced player is calling.
-amanek +smooya
in niko's eyes, unless you won something big, you aren't a good player. it is why he picked up neo and adren to igl. they both won majors. It is why he picked up bad for kjearbye too.
I just went 0 17
I just won 14-0 on my pp-bizon account. other team forfeited before the 16-0.
Why does NA have so many spots for major?
this, +when es was in europe they were top 20, not enough teams in na to keep their rank.
-Grim +fer if Liquid wants to stop losing
also, stewie doesnt even have bad stats for his role. I just counted, he played 30+ matches in the last 3 months. only 5 bad performances when they lost a map. 3 of them, liquid got destroyed, so no o...
Costco Girl
Fallen ADR ???
wtf, that is like 2 hs with awp