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Ill r8 your favorite player
wtf man, 3/8 mechanical skill way too low. edit: i looked at the other ones and you have no clue what you are talking about.
Ill r8 your favorite player
Next Zywoo?
shox, the brand new player on vitality looks like the next big french player.
someone over 23-24 yo?
"seized_goat" smarter than 99% of adults. doubt
help me with website (html+css)
if you want someone to do it for you and not just answer questions when ur stuck u gonna have to pay.
First time csgo
June 2015 watched csgo in 2014 tho.
Your cs goals
Your cs goals
It is like if you sit by a random person in class. You are forced to be in a group together for a project, and you both have the same interests, same political beliefs, same sense of humor, play the s...
Your cs goals
no, he lives on east coast, and i live in midwest, both straight btw.
Your cs goals
it was get global, got it, then it was make a good team(I just wanted something better than open/im teams) made one, then I stopped playing a lot and it was make friends. One of the players from the t...
pc experts
I did not, thank you. Have you heard of the ice cube test? It is where you put an ice cube on the cpu fan while you are playing a game. The time in seconds that it takes for the ice cube to melt is ho...
pc experts
my friend did that one and it totally worked. Sometimes I do the loop hole where I paint my pc black so it can run faster, but then it usually doesn't work.
pc experts
YES! I was going to try that one. The other one im going to do is put duct tape on all of the mesh and vents so dust can't get through.
pc experts
i heard if you blend up half cooked eggs you can put them in the cpu fan to get better thermals.
pc experts
you mean dowse it in milk and salt? it is a common mistake so i will forgive you.