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+1, it isnt, difference between a good player at 1.12 and an ok player at 1.06. also device is on a better team that dominates more games, so he has way more games where his 1.28 rating isn't even top...
Envy Logic
I know, freak is carrying this team right now, but he will leave unless they get a good org, which envy is. nifty and jdm are arguably better than all the swole guys besides freak too. nifty is igling...
Envy Logic
they are going to play relegation, but im not sure if that means the season is over so they can change more players, if it is then they will probably pick up a couple swole patrol players anyways, sin...
Envy Logic
they picked up the players that had the epl spot, they changed max amout of players that they could, then when season is over they will most likely change more player that nifty wants on his team.
masq used to play male teams instead of female ones and she got 5-6th in main, which is better than any full female team today. She also pulled her weight as a player compared to her teamates.
Scream was 3rd best french player when envy died, if he joined he wud be only behind zywoo and shox since kenny is bad rn
CS:GO Player since?
same, you global and level 10 faceit too?
French tiers
kio and davidp tier 1
why is pugs/mm heavily forced?
how is winning epicenter not impressive? you don't know what it shows since you aren't on the team.
why is pugs/mm heavily forced?
no, liquid is more like 2015 navi exept worse. Faze still won tournaments in 2017 when they didn't have to play against sk.
R8 teams
trk isn't good, watch him play against na pro league teams, he doesn't have a clue what to do, and he would never hold his own against t1 teams. chelo, i would take anyone from intz besides horvy, any...
R8 teams
rtk is really not that good, when he plays against people that aren't even t2 he plays really bad. mou would have to leave, since he is the best player on gambit.
R8 teams
zeus is holding navi back, his igl role is really basic but not in a good way.
R8 teams
mou>ramzik for awp.