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NA EDUCATION???????????????????
i also can name all of the countries, but you would have to be in 3rd year calc to be able to do what im doing rn.
NA EDUCATION???????????????????
multiple years of calc so you'd have to be pretty dank in the math section.
NA EDUCATION???????????????????
lol, it is statistically proven that that most Americans don't know that much about geography, so stop being so salty. And the part where my school is shit is also not the case, it mainly focuses on m...
nah, amd better imo because the mother boards are supported longer, so you can keep one for way longer and just get new cpus.
NA EDUCATION???????????????????
not really, one year the teacher taught my class and gave us a quiz on south america in spanish, but not all of the countries, and one year we had to know some of the counties around azerbaijan. But w...
watch how he plays, his form took a dip because all of his teammates didn't know what to do. there is a reason that adren got picked up, and not hobbit, mou, ect. he can clutch, entry, lurk, awp, he h...
suNny's Sister
I know...
+1 for ynk, he is friends with niko and he can help him out with igling since he has a good mind for it. Adren is a good player in freeform systems so if they play loose he can play good no matter wh...
NA EDUCATION???????????????????
there are people like this in every country, those things like to use geography because us system doesn't teach geography. the ones i find funny are the people that can't solve math problems or say th...
suNny's Sister
it looks to me like he gets a dry face and scratches it, causing some acne, but lots of things factor into acne. How much sleep you get, if you wash your face with cold or warm water after a shower, w...
it is all in your mind, i can double my sens and get used to it, literally this is the dumbest think anyone has said. the only way the xmp would mess with your aim is if it doesn't work with your mobo...
suNny's Sister
i mean his acne, cameras distort things, that is why people pick angles, the way she tilted her head scrunches up one side of her face, and the lighting caused one side to look way different than the ...
suNny's Sister
too bad for sunny, he must not take care of his face like her.
#15 EliGE
everyone from us is from other countries exept natives. so marke and silent only NA player i guess.
warmup stream
i clicked on it for 2 seconds and you were cussing at someone, also you should turn the light on if you have a facecam.