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Darkest time in history?
also nanking
Darkest time in history?
Great Leap Forward
Countries to me
which is why it's sad, the supposed no 1 country in the world has its people divided into two polarizing side and made the country not to function properly as seen with the government shutdown
What fuck is going on with hltv
I've seen less racism than the last time I was here few months ago
Countries to me
Countries I like: Japan Korea New Zealand Switzerland Italy Countries I respect: Germany UK Canada Australia Countries I feel bad for: USA Venezuela China Russia Countries I dislike: NK Any middle ...
My ex-classmate is a furry
Leviticus 20:15
10/10 best bait in a while
ps4 >>> PC
In this time and era computer is already secondary need, while gaming is more of a tertiary need. Having one mediocre computer/laptop in every household should already be a given on most middle class ...
ps4 >>> PC
"true gaming" nice gatekeeping. 60fps is adequate enough for decent gaming experience, more than that is not a necessity but luxury.
ps4 >>> PC
That is true, high-end PCs are far superior compared to PS4. However, most people wants best bang for minimum amount of bucks, and PS4 fits perfectly into that. Why spend over one grand when you can g...
ps4 >>> PC
As it stands right now, yes I agree. Their exclusives are stellar, performances are consistent, and with current pricing of PC parts PS4 (even pro version) is somewhat cheaper, at least here. Of cours...
retarded girl problem
Just be yourself if she forces you to be someone else she's not worth your time
Switch or PS4
I'd go for PS4 bc exclusives
quit watching csgo
recommend fun games
planet coaster