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Top 20 players of 2021: device (11)
Wrote and posted a whole article about him backstabbing nip and going back to astralis
G2 Johnny Sins
lol i expected the thread to be about that
Last 500euro Bet all in
you do have mental illness if this isnt bait but it is, so you kinda still have mental illness for posting shit like this
Spanish brain dont work that well
Yes i agree and i rate him highly, one of my favourite players rn, but he isnt at the level where many say he is as of now
Yes and i rate him highly but he should not be in the same sentence as the 3 i mentioned as of now, he will probably be a top 3 contender soon but not now
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
oh brother, shiro is sitting 4-13 and hasnt hit an awp shot the entire game is this the best he ever played?
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
if sh1ro would wake up this would still be winnable with a pistolround (tho navi just seem to luck out every single pistol), gambits ct is a lot lot stronger than their t and navi tend to struggle on ...
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
this is a sad watch whats gambit doing its like a global vs silver mm game, navi are smurfing
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
regardless of his role in round 6 he made gambit lose yet another round because of poor gamesense, and when on ancient he swung at 2 players and shot out a full mp9 clip and dealt no damage losing the...
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
interz is terrible man
200 euro on navi
betting that much on 1.3 odds when its almost a 50-50 match
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
now the question is can navi do 8 in a row, would be insane
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
ax1le is going INSANE