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Vitality vs Complexity
lul peak csgo
Me and my friends play lem mm and sometimes meet not cheaters but new accs who are smurfing/playing for fun while being faceit lvl 8-9 and it just fucks the entire mm experience up when 1 guy plays be...
Help mens((( (GGBET)
they gave it back in the end))))
Help mens((( (GGBET)
victory royale amigo 8))))
Help mens((( (GGBET)
Thanks my friend im glad u got ur money back, i successfully passed the verification process so i got my account back and will (hopefully) get my money back soon, i have already requested the withdraw...
Help mens((( (GGBET)
i hope so, thanks bro))
Help mens((( (GGBET)
nah i didnt use any promotions either, its literally just 2 accounts using the same credit card. I contacted their support and they got back and i will apparently have an identity verification soon, s...
Help mens((( (GGBET)
thanks bro but that thread seems dead to me, dude hasnt replied to anyone in months
Help mens((( (GGBET)
im so angry rn its mental how they can just do this wtf
Rate my new Glove + Knife Combo
Big difference is u can even cash in on these pixels if u get bored so u didnt technically waste money (or maybe just a small amount that u cant get back)
Rate my new Glove + Knife Combo
Me and my friends also jokingly call it "investing" when we buy some stuff lol
AWPers who can't rifle at all ?
Syrson is great with the rifle, he used to be a rifler and when he last bought an ak (happens twice a year at most) he clutched a 1v4 with it Also kenny can rifle well enough
k1to come here
U pronounce the 1 as an I so its Kayto i guess
NAVI Junior vs Project X