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s1mple : you can nerf guns but you can't nerf me
God at annihilating every team he goes into. Literally every team
There's Faded by Alan Walker, shittiest playlist then
Easiest language to learn
that's your opinion, you're Finnish that's why I can see you think that English is hard and Finnish is easy. totally opposite for me. My tongue won't even roll with your language :D
Easiest language to learn
Everything in life is hard to master whether it's video games or language
Easiest language to learn
English, it's almost everywhere
World cup 2018 winner
no shit Sherlock
World cup 2018 winner
Soccer? :D
Should I go to gym?
How am I encouraging to get fat? I encourage him to gain weight which he can do by eating a lot and food and that has high protein... Also, what's the point of going to the gym if you want to grow mus...
shroud Maybe they are still on their break so he plays and does whatever he wants. It's not your business whether he plays csgo or not
Are you circumcised?
You might need to visit your local general practitioner. You don't seem okay with the stuff you write here.
Should I go to gym?
Of course you should, but If I was you, I would eat and gain weight before you go. Over winter is the best time to gain weight and then maybe workout, because you're 64kg, you're pretty skinny for you...
r8 my gf
Post your ctrl+v
Post your ctrl+v
Not very tough
polish ackent
Well done to you.