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He's good at exploiting redditors into buying shit.
Any PhD people here?
PhD isn't really like doing regular study if you are doing research for it, for the most part it's a lot more like working a job. Typically you are also paid to do one on some form of scholarship/stip...
Any PhD people here?
It's kinda hard to say who should or shouldn't do one, from my time doing one and seeing other people do them one of the first things you learn is that just because a person got good grades doesn't me...
Any PhD people here?
In Australia, you don't have to do do masters to go into PhD and to my knowledge most places typically have a longer PhD time than we do.
Any PhD people here?
Nah, all though I did look at using Australian native plants for producing nanomaterials.
Any PhD people here?
Finished my PhD last year in chemistry, took about 4 and a half years total. Decided to do it cause it seemed like an interesting challenge.
They really need to stop picking Vertigo.
csgo deleted from store
I am playing it right now and when I checked Broken Fang was still purchasable so assume it's just updating the page.
Renegades vs mousesports
How did they all bootcamp inside of him?
Miss any old roster?
I miss Vox Eminor.
Yeah, most games work pretty well on it. Only things to my knowledge that don't are games that use EAC.
A roster that you miss?
Vox Eminor, I miss when they were first coming up internationally.
shawn mendes opinion
I only know him from Ram Ranch.
Linux gaming is BETTER than Windows?
Been gaming on Linux for about 6 years now. Proton has been amazing.
I like their music.