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Usa 300k cases soon
Even your retarded president is now saying that the USA can be glad if only 200.000 people die. Doesn't sound like bullshit to me.
Football goat team
Only brazilians would be so arrogant to pick a top 11 with all brazilian players. what a cuck.
Liquid vs Astralis
remember when NA fans were making fun of Astralis because the first rounds. :D
BIG vs GamerLegion
Liquid vs mousesports
Posted as a meme actually watched the vid afterwards and enjoyed it :D
Liquid vs mousesports
Renegades or G2 but not fuckin Liquid. Fam why? Well I will be there and try to push mouse to the arena.
Liquid vs mousesports You like Oboe?
FaZe vs CR4ZY
Why are they not showing this on Stream 1? This means you can't watch it in the "arena". Well no reason to go then.
Let's count how many germans players on the german major RN
Let's count how many germans players on the german major RN
How many polish players were in Katowice again?
gym supplements?
tg,dr: 5g creatine 1.6g protein per kg of bodyweight caffeine pre-workout longer: 5g of creatine around 1.6g of protein per kg of bodyweight. During cuts more around 2g. anything else depends on the ...
classic polish racist.
best German Rap ?
Ist doch auch ok. Jeder hat seinen eigenen Geschmack. Shacke und Bomber machen halt oldschool battle rap. Ist nicht für jederman.
best German Rap ?
Pöbel MC MXM & Pavel Shacke One MC Bomber No one of them look Arab like you said and none of them do pseudo gangster trash.