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ENCE vs Liquid
Why do you cheat?
+11 this So true, happened to me couple of times, even vs. obvious cheaters. It is indeed a good feeling.
Why do you cheat?
Just a short reminder, to make it clear: There are a lot of cheaters, believe it or not, only 75% get caught in the span of months. The rest are good at hiding it or are good and have luck not being...
[r8 girl]
True and meanwhile here am i single!
Nordavind vs Windigo
No way Windigo losses this! 2:0 Windigo! Don't waste money betting on Nordavind!
Windigo vs
I don't see it! :D
Windigo vs
We want to be top 10 team, What a joke! Not when you make MM mistakes.. Your main goal should be not to disband! xD YIKES
Windigo vs NoChance
You know, they played so good they were a decent Tier 2 team. Had hopes for top 10 and to be a Tier 1 from November 2018 - March 2019, they played amazing. But since then they play like Tier Trash Tea...
ex-3DMAX vs Windigo = the best
Windigo vs Unique
as i said
Windigo vs Unique
They wont throw this im 100% sure !!!
Legendary 1.6 movie tribute That's the one and only number 1, cs 1.6 Frag movie
x-kom vs FATE
Fate have beaten x-kom once so, there is not small chance for Fate!
ENCE vs Astralis
Astralis again they will ban mirage this time! :D
Astralis vs Renegades
I don't really see Astralis losing this unless they underestimate Renegades, but i highly doubt it. It will be an interesting bo3 match, because of the performance Renegades showed lately, to see wha...