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Why IGL role is so difficult?
I think that Wallen at his peak was fragging amazingly and constantly to be IGL, probably most ever.
Any globals?
Average HLTV user is global elite, playing with laptop touchpad, max 30 fps, and display turned off, without a headset.
Why is NiKo suddenly so bad?
He only prentended to be a good player all this time. Now we see he is really bad.
UK Police [+18]
I heard gun has lower kill reward than knife, that's why knifed.
G2 Lineup
G2 signs fxy0 the savior of French scene E: And KQLY
I fking called it
Did you mean KQLY?
I fking called it
I heard from reliable sources that G2 signs fxy0 who saves the French scene.
EU not racist irl
But you have to remember that back in the east they are like millionaires, 1€ here is 1 million pesos in Thailand.
Your thread does not provide any new or useful information, those things happen every day. Please post only if you have actual content!
AleksiB official statements (stream)
Actually aleksib benched Ence. They were not worth of him.
Im finnishswedish
Finnishswedish better known as "rantaruotsalaiset" are living in past. They even have a political party driving their interests. Such parties should not exist in 2000s, why to divide people by their l...
ENCE ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
The heck are you talking about, aurelia played totally fine!
shox is right
Actually people using AK/M4 instead of SG/AUG at least trust more on their luck in RNG. Much lower accuracy and higher spray spread means that using AK/M4 is less related to skill.
ence vs heroic
Ence vs who?
32 bit is good choice with 3GB RAM. 64-bit uses more.