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G2 vs Cloud9
boltz said they prac with g2 few week ago. g2 are very good and scary rn. they suffer so much to play with. even fallen said g2 have form what it takes to beat FaZe
envy fix
someone said zywoo already on team right now. i think envy too late to get him in team. maybe they need buyout him with lot money
clam down c9 fanboy. don't worry g2 will make sure eleague stream end quickly. and we will see c9 fanboy start crying again like in legend stage
G2 overrated af
did you make thread like this because scare g2 ? lul. if g2 overrated as you think you don't need to make thread for that. but sry for you even you make 100 thread. maybe it can make you feel comfort ...
that time faze beat g2. g2 just come back from long holiday break. well it very close score. you said like this it like say sk can't beat fnatic in past lol
G2 Overhyped?
i think faze more overhype. they almost lost to liquid in first qual. get 16-2 by vega.
Major Winner Highest chance
faze almost lose liquid in major qual
FaZe best comeback team in history ???
agree with you faze lose sk many time in bo3,bo5 and nip once in bo5
-bodyy +ScreaM
scream can't play support role he need space in team for frag. plus scream choke so hard on major like this one shox carry hard to surv...
VP 2:0 G2
+1 VP can't even get more than 10 round for 2 maps
VP will crush G2
LUL. mark this thread
Why FaZe will fail
Is it different? still in 2017. in 1month ago or few month if you want to talk about past it's still same. that match G2 just start playing after take a break. they even lost to NV in BO3 too
Why FaZe will fail
i give faze 3-6 month max. i will predicted after that faze will become team like mousesport barely win anything niko need carry 4bot to win match. faze fans want to remove karrigan from team after se...
Why FaZe will fail