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Where is Kosovo Flag?
"Boss" from hltv is from serbia, thats why.
-Lucky +k1o when?
- k1o +k1to
Your hltv name say's everything about your character. You are so dumb, not even the police want u LMAO
It depends how your head looks like. You are a indian guy - the most important think is the hygiene. I hope u have no pimple and a clean face. Indian likes full hair like shahrukh khan - but i don't l...
Luka Jovic 60 mil?
He got a 6 years contract and he coast just 60 mil - this is a joke :) great business move like with thibaut, but the think is thibaut didnt play well :( u guys don't know how much money real madri...
no school accepts me
Just say you are a refugge -> every school accepts you
worst injury u had?
i broke my dick when i f* a milf. it was the mother from a rich kid, she said she need a real man
K1O Twitch Banned
kio looks like a rat
I am wondering
dont talk more man, germany > polando over 10000000000000x
I am wondering
Even Lewandowski is working in germany and he can't get enough. We germans give him everything, big money, stability and what is lewandowski doing? he try to snap the whole hand if u give him 1 finger...
I am wondering
Poland is a very arrogant / nazi country. If u would be the most hard working country in europe, why are you still so poor? Polish people are always the same, very nationalistic, but the are very stu...
I am wondering
That's why polish people come to germany for work, to life here and if it's not enough, your government is trying to sneak 800 billion € from germany for the second world war. My polish friends, u n...
I am wondering
Yes. UK People play always on bad pcs, why?
I am wondering
People from 3. World Country haves always banger pc's. I7, GTX 1060, 32gb RAM, 500gb SSD
Should BIG go International?
Gob B Coach and instead of him awp player