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JSBF vs Flash
Machingun + fancy + attacker + somebody + bntnt = Major
Cloud9 vs Liquid
-twistz ?? they best player ? jks fucking sucks when its matter !! twistz is like hard carry of liquis stfu
TyLoo vs Gambit
fancy machingun somebody all three can awp better than that retard silver kaze lmao kaze only good with awp he sucks at pistols , ecos , rifels fuck kaze
TyLoo vs Gambit
somebody + machingun + fancy + bntet +attacker = ez major playoffs
TyLoo vs Cloud9
somebody is tyloos numa 1 player he is just struggling recently i hope he bounce back
TheMongolz vs Izrgod
its not excuseme its sexcuseme lmao
Space Soldiers vs GODSENT
on godsent ? on lan vs space soldiers ? are u a retard ? u deserve to lose it
Gambit vs HellRaisers
lmao yes he has improved alot and i am actually rooting for the guy but that does not change the fact that he used to get owned.. his team name was spotnet or something .. every team in my reigon was...
Gambit vs HellRaisers
how is issa playing for hr lmao my team used to demolish them .. i guess it was the ping .. thier team always had 120-140
why would they speak chinese? they will speak csglish
G2 vs Flash
nt flash work on that ct side though
GX vs eXtatus
who the fuck bets on fucking GX ? fucking GX? vs EXtatus? who the fuck ? do you noobs love swag that much ? like how ? this game should 95/5 wtf
New4 vs Red Wolf
new4 threw agains ViCi
New4 vs Red Wolf
its not the first lol
New4 vs Red Wolf
RW is good on cache when they were B.o.o.t i think its gonna be 16-5 for RW watch