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Bets4pro withdraw
Betting site bets.4pro .. I wanna know how does this work ? How do i withdraw my winnings? It seems like thier withdraw button is not working or i am missing something help me
Liquid vs Astralis
Such a boring semi ... Liquid playing like silvers smh
orgless vs EURONICS
i mean lmao
orgless vs EURONICS
damn i just farm betting on these cheaters !!! but bro i feel bad though sooner or later this will happen to me !!!
orgless vs EURONICS
i mean sweds are better !! who cares if they cheat !! cs go been like this tier 5 or 6 are allways shady and full of cheaters and its your fault betting against cheaters !! orgs dont care !! its your ...
Movistar Riders vs LDLC
smh ldlc gifting them rounds but MR just giving the rounds right back !! its like tier 3 chinese team lmao
Movistar Riders vs LDLC
no words for these spanish retards !!! lmao only good player is mixwell and he is tier 3.5 rest are just bad i mean lowel i knew he was bad but damn soker alex and mopoz are noob too
Movistar Riders vs LDLC
Beyond vs RRQ
Someone stream plz
Imperial vs Heroic
No team will do good with acillion the guy is worst
North vs HellRaisers
Who the fuck bets on gambit ? And who the fuck bets on spirit ?? Lmao vega has major exp and won against spirit on LAN more !! And for hr sometimes u just gotta trust woxic/issa magic
Vega Squadron vs Spirit
I dont think they paid dat much lmao
North vs HellRaisers
Its funny today i ve won tyloo vega and now hr handi !! Dont blame cs its you who dont nderstand cs
Flash vs 5POWER
Someone stream plz
5POWER vs ArkAngel
Someone stream plz