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Shit major
what u do in shower
10-15 minute shower Here is the tricky part, wait for it... I actually shower in the shower.
Other games u play?
Other games u play?
WarThunder > World of Tanks Don’t @ me
Other games u play?
I would pay so much money for a new Spore game, or a remastered version. Such a underrated game imo. Really hope someday they remake it or release a new one.
Other games u play?
Everyone used to hate on Minecraft, but when you play it with friends it’s actually super fun. The community used to be horrible but after Fortnite came it’s finally cleared of idiots.
Other games u play?
When I first got CK2 I tried playing and was super confused, and dropped it 30 minutes into playing. A few weeks later I tried it again and finally figured out how to play it, it’s okay without DLCs b...
Other games u play?
Crusader Kings 2 Hearts of Iron 4 War Thunder Apex Legends Witcher 3 Skyrim Oblivion And Minecraft with some friends of mine.
swiss system?
If you start getting the feeling to invade Poland see a doctor.
Todd Howard vs GabeN
Islam is powerful
I stopped reading at "I'm tired of the lame excuses of comedians."
New friends 👉🚪
Tall ugly girl vs Short cute girl
Sounds, like this has happened to you. It's okay man there are other fish in the sea.
Only 2k LULW
true, i would only make one pick as of right now, Complexity 0-3. I like the team, i just dont think they are good enough for the major as of right now.