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Best clutchers of All time
2013-early 2015 Hiko is best clutcher of all time imo
Best HLTV user in 2018
Thank <3
Go-To sentence
NT I hired North to defeat you in finals again, nothing personal kid.
Go-To sentence
You’ve just been raided by the U.S of A put all of your oil in the bag or else your gonna get drone striked brother.
I aren’t click that
Another shit final?
I’ve been disappointed by Liquid losing so many times it doesn’t affect me anymore. I’ve been with them for so long if they lose this I will still be happy with how far they’ve come.
Another shit final?
It’s fun cause, every time they play each other you want them to beat them that much more, it’s a very big underdog story.
Another shit final?
Well said. This Liquid vs Astralis rivalry is very fun to watch, maybe the teams don’t feel it, but I do they have played each other for 30 maps this year. That is crazy seeing how one is from NA and...
Another shit final?
No problem, I’ve done the same thing multiple times. I’m super hyped for the match and hope Liquid can finally take a tier 1 tournament.
Another shit final?
Another shit final?
In my defense this was a month ago, and can’t be used now.
me :)
Good thread thanks for the info, im hyped for this game
Liquid please
>anyone >beating Astralis in finals
Swe Police Logic
That is ridiculous, no one should be charged if you defend yourself/family against a armed home invader. I know that in America you would not be charged even if you killed them.