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Old things u miss in CSGO
my cheats
Russians in Faceit
I have lots of russki friends who are able to speak fluent english
Top1 alcoholic country
If Hitler won WW2?
The difference was back in the days that Germany was preparing for a war, global one, while other were just looking at it and believing in politics. I still remember stories about Polish soldiers who ...
Erasmus' country
Go somewhere warm, people are more opened there, therefore, much more fun. Scandinavians can be pretty closed, I lived 4 years in Denmark. Took my full-time Bachelor there.
Erasmus' country
How long is going to be your Erasmus? One semester or two semesters? I would go with Norway, Belgium or Spain.
Simo Häyhä
Actually, he refused to shoot with the proper scope. He said that it made him slower and reduced his overall awareness. He prefered to shoot through "regular" gun "scope", like they did during hunting...
S1mple destoyed NaVi
Blaming s1mple that GuardiaN lost his motivation after Zeus kick or that seized didn't manage with his new position is simply idiotic.
FaZe GuardiaN
Allu wants his whole career to join Finnish team and succeed, but for some reason they always fail.
Put cat into microwave and film
I'm thinking of going to the boxing ring 1vs1 and film it and post here on HLTV. Would go hard on you, fucker.
device / devee / sundevice / deViCe
i agree LOL, but i bet niggers will come earlier and fak u ap.
device / devee / sundevice / deViCe
shut up mongol from forgotten island
WASD vs OnlineBOTS
gl Miki
If pro dies, who can shock the most people?
All humans lives are equal, stop it.
ropz invited to faceit HQ to play
Hockey player from USSR, please stop, USSR players won a game vs NHL All-Stars.