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Best IGL in the World ?
old ldlc jersey
+1 or wear them just when u r playin. wearing them outside is weird, but that way its ok I suppose
Rap > metal and rock
I have to confess that I actually like st. anger. I mean, its beautiful in its own way. Yeah, I agree that Lars´s drums sound terrible, but those songs arent that bad. Its something different... for e...
Rap > metal and rock
I like them both combined. For example hollywood undead, old LP (hybrid theory, meteora...)
This might be the best two team ever matched, haha :D Caesar Vs brutus
Windigo vs mousesports
Snax played an important role tbh. Without him, styko would never get better in c9 and mouz would never really understand how much of an important part of a team he is. So I'm kinda happy with the sna...
help on a first date?
Wow, lucky you! Thanks man! It really helps to see I'm not the only one! Wish you the best to your relationship!
help on a first date?
I'll be honest, 19. I'm kinda introvert and never was much into girls. Also my self confidence is not much high, even tho it's better than before
help on a first date?
Thanks, I was thinking about something similar... I'm just inexperienced and kinda nervous, so wish me luck
Need help with girl
it seems more like bi
bring back 2016 fnatic lineup
-dennis +pronax
Worst players to win a major
not true, pronax took the role when he joined the team
Worst players to win a major
devilwalk wasnt ILG when they won the major. They picked Pronax 2 weeks earlier vs OpTic
So I just bet against VP for the first time and this happend. Lul
Natus Vincere vs NiP
They really want nip to not pass to the playoffs