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Natus Vincere vs NiP
They really want nip to not pass to the playoffs
MSL da real mvp
yeah, and even more this was his first tournament as an awper and he really showed up. honestly I like this awping style more than simple´s. I mean its boring as fuck to watch, but you can rely on him...
ENCE vs North
"msl snipes down 3 on inferno" ..,and in the highlight isnt even one of that kill
Keyboard recommendation
well I think fnatic made something like quiet mechanical keyboard, maybe more brands have something like this, might be slightly more expensive, but if you want good keyboard and quiet as wel...
Keyboard recommendation
cougar 450k hybrid mechanical...very good for its price
metjm replacement?
thanks guys loll
Celebrity crush?
natalie dormer
i r8 your inventory
I just checked it...did you know that your dragon lore used to be Moe´s? :D
i r8 your inventory
:D well maybe not fragger, but I kinda like his structured style of IGLing
i r8 your inventory
ah, yeah, thanks! :D I met him at katowice this year, such a cool dude..
i r8 your inventory
well I like stickers more than the actual skins...
i r8 your inventory
GTR no respect!!!
why tho? he was just enjoying the game. Im pretty sure he wouldnt do it if that game was super important for them. But as I said, that match was useless for both teams
GTR no respect!!!
as if Konfig showed respect towards others even once.., and btw this game doesnt even matter to anyone. both teams have stickers and qualification secured...only thing they play for is the difference ...
how to secure nip a major