6th/6257 @ ESL One: Road to Rio 2020 - North America Fantasy
4th/?? @ DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - North America HLTV Fantasy
2th/2853 @ Spring Sweet Spring 3 Regionals (won AWP | Boom FT)

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fnatic sign smooya on trial
fnatic new awper
just saw the news, yeehaaaa
don't do this to Smooya
his twitlonger states that he's open to offers for CS and Valorant
Evil Geniuses vs MAD Lions
XD major legends team losing to academy project
smooya free agent now
yeah makes sense too what makes me think they MIGHT reconsider smooya was just: ---- fnatic was losing everything --- ---> smooya happens, they qualify for IEM Winter Closed Quals <--- ---- fnatic is...
smooya free agent now
not sure after that 0-2 against CPH flames with regali yesterday maybe they reconsider
fer joins 00Nation
I imagine 00nation probably wanted to just remove Lucas and hen1 said he‘s not playing without him They are a package deal and with that they are destroying their own careers
Team slogan rankings
yeah the slogan is actually "go BIG or go home" still wouldnt rank it the best but its still better than the just "goTEAM" ones
fer joins 00Nation
so hen1 fucked his career to play with his individually way worse brother both get benched and 00nation assembles half of the "recently"-successless MIBR roster i dont know man could work out but pro...
i need a book
harry potter
i think its actually pronounced "gell"
xfl0ud joined Eternal Fire
its just turkish team, they still dont have a good IGL i dont think they will improve even though i'd hope it for xantares
xfl0ud joined Eternal Fire
new turkish team PERMANENT FLAMES
fnatic new awper
i think smooyas contract runs out soon i guess they might be using regali to give him experience until smooyas contract runs out
Cloud 2 has annoying sound on cs
dont use 7.1 mode for gaming and you should be fine, you get used to it i have it for years and i'm still very satisfied