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-edward -flamie
xantares cant even speak english, never will he learn russian
s1mple best player in the world
tabsen > s1mple
BIG -nex +stfn/syrson Sprout -percy +nex Sprout ez top20 BIG ez top5
BIG SuperNova Malta winners
if nex isnt deadweight again it should be their trophy
i think tabsen already plays positions he does not like, he does everything thats needed for the team - he's even supporting gob b with IGLing / learning from him how to IGL i think he could be conte...
ez comeback
BIG has a deal with attax - they were only allowed to take tizian OR syrson and at that time they needed a support player so they went with tizian
ez comeback
ok sorry
ez comeback
i think tabsens awp is more flashy than smooyas but smooya is good too also tabsen is also the best rifler in BIG so you wont "waste" him to the awp always
when tabsen played for NRG with gobb, fugly, just1n and legija he 40bombed astralis on cache he doesnt care
-nex when
if nex has a good day he's probably right behind tabsen, sadly his good days are getting more and more rare and he's also not really known for good plays or something.
-nex when
he just needs more experience and he needs to find a bit of consistency.
-nex when
faven could be an option too in the future but i think its better when he plays a few months more against lower tier opposition to learn from god hunden and god denis
-nex when
i'm not betting, mr. baguette i just want BIG to win, especially when their wannabe starplayer is always bottomfragging. so much potential in that team
REAL TOP 20 2018
krimz carried fnatic half of the year
NRG vs OpTic
NRG vs BIG 2:3 overpass - NRG nuke - BIG inferno - BIG cache -NRG train - BIG