6th/6257 @ ESL One: Road to Rio 2020 - North America Fantasy
4th/?? @ DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - North America HLTV Fantasy
2th/2853 @ Spring Sweet Spring 3 Regionals (won AWP | Boom FT)

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Valve's Steam Deck !!
you're a few weeks late m8 also its not out yet, you were just able to register yourself for the pre order queue, ordering apparently starts Q4 2021/Q1 2022
Movistar 5th player?
looking at this lineup movistar riders wouldve been the better option haha
Really BIG?
i'd wait for the official statements today surely looks like xantares will be gone for now but for me gade would only make sense as tizian replacement, especially when you look at their statement from...
Movistar 5th player?
coldzera :----D
all sounds like a good idea but i think its highly unlikely that a t1 team will go for him considering that he's just not a t1 player his first time in north they had a good peak but seeing the perio...
fnatic.ALEX fnatic.mezzii CONFIRMED
well nobody will prac against EC Brugge anymore i guess
Academy teams
you judged all 40 participants of the WePlayLeague with this thread you genius, nice IQ you have there
Academy teams
are you actually that stupid?
ah, overread that but i think there's no magic that strong in the universe
yes he was on hltv confirmed but it was not that long ago he collected paychecks since 2018 why should he change his approach now probably thought astralis signs him if gla1ve doesnt renew haha
why should k0nfig, valde, acoR or zonic swap their spot on a well paid org with playing unpaid with MSL who hasnt won a trophy since 2018 (and before that mostly won DH Opens)
yeah i get the feeling that he's so full of himself, but in my opinion he doesnt belong in t1 either shouldve taken a lower offer, his assembled team wont find an org anyway
Nice valve
yeah theres surely people that take it as a challenge but i'm pretty sure its a minority also theres now unranked matchmaking where you basically sign up for playing with people from different ranks ...