6th/6257 @ ESL One: Road to Rio - North America Fantasy
4th/?? @ DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - North America HLTV Fantasy

someday i win something
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[+18] Seized =OOOO
internet explorer
OG roster changes ?
haha why on earth would they kick mantuu, he's like literally their best player
manbearpig where?
did i say that? no if i ever get an android phone the only option would be a google pixel at the moment, seems to be the cleanest option
haha +1 and on top of that the android version they use on samsung phones is usually bloated with bullshit you cannot uninstall
i fix teams
Liquid vs Chaos
Grim went from trashing tier3 teams in a tier3 team to trashing tier3 teams in a tier1 team Na cs lul
tizian still ashleep player break probably really got the best of him for the moment, as he does not play FPL he's probably a bit out of shape
i dont agree 100% i'd say tabsen, syrson, xantares, tizian (yes i know what everyone's been saying about him), k1to k1to is the one thats easiest to replace in my opinion, but that does not make him ...
mad lions fix
nah i knew faze.kjaerbz was a thing, i just think he wouldve been a better fit in ML
german cheaters
username checks out cya
FaZe starteam
the individuals in this team are obviously insane but this team lacks structure and a clear role distribution IMO
mad lions fix
the faze kjaerbye leak is a bit more serious than the ML lekr0 thing because of the ESL cologne roster lock. meaning there are people out there 100% knowing who will play for faze next week, so it was...
mad lions fix
yeah i can understand kjaerbye in this decision however i think he wouldve been a better fit for ML in my opinion
mad lions fix
-innocent +kjaerbye gg