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Tabsen is the best aimer?
i think noone cared about nrg at the point tabseN was in it, but he dropped a 40 bomb against astralis on cache at e league season 1 LAN he's insane if he's given space.
fix faze
mertz ok but not great esetag good but not great cromen great kio great scream maybe good with correct team still shiddi lineup tho
ENCE vs fnatic Academy
traitor luckerrr get rekt
Liquid grand final killers
And afterwards they sucked even more
Liquid grand final killers
right, thats why NTC is so good right now and liquid just beat navi
Liquid grand final killers
taco is one of the main reasons why liquid is performing so well and he also was one of the main reasons LG/SK were so dominant fite me
LOL BiG #7
ez /closed
Astralis vs mousesports
watch mouz win this 2-0
predictions 99% truu
sunny or oskar
msl should retire asap karrigan >>>>>>>>>>>>> msl rain > valde
nah espiranto is a very good and promising player, but sometimes you just need to work it out - krystals ingame leading obviously worked for the other 3 players, one player alone never decides a match...
MiBR = FaZe
i think there is a conflict between cold and fallen, maybe they want to play different styles or something
its true lol -krystal -tenzki wouldve kept krystal, he IGL'd them to win that small dreamhack 2 weeks after he joined.. but espiranto seems to be a b*tch
MiBR = FaZe
team is ded coldzera to liquid would be sick (there were rumors) the other players are still great players but they just dont work as a team