6th/6257 @ ESL One: Road to Rio 2020 - North America Fantasy
4th/?? @ DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - North America HLTV Fantasy

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Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Ez gambit then
i think he's not a bad player, but online era has pretty much fucked him it seems seems like he's grinding valorant with issa as well currently so yeah, irrelevant
calyx was only trialed and it did not work out. no kick, just no sign either. and to be honest i dont think its a coincidence he's not finding a team. there's something goin on with this guy also Luc...
forZe vs Sprout
i dont think so. and sad thing is they're coming fresh from bootcamp. this team is just a disappointment, they need to get rid of spiidi & denis asap
Next CS version?
yeah i am aware of that, but you can say the same about maps i never put too much thought into these leaked informations and it's all speculation anyway because nobody really knows whats up because va...
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
pretty sure its heroic heroic vs gambit i'd love to see gambit win but gambit looked a little bit weakened lately while heroic and their CHEATING COACH look pretty sick even though they have a COACH ...
Next CS version?
the leaks from like half a year ago indicated that there were problems with all workshop contents including skins
Next CS version?
they cant even port the skins to source2 lmao
Crab walk
if you cannot hit someone who is crouch walking to you with 0.2 mp/h then maybe just go and play something else not your first post on this topic either 0/8
Lynn Vision vs Let's Quit
mitsuha left vitality for this
O PLANO benching trk
O PLANO benching trk
i think they didnt really bench him, he's their 6th, substitute player and they plan on looking how things will work out with their main lineup now and then adjust their roster accordingly
HYENAS only has 2 of the north players that own the spot. they have to get MSL, cajun b or lekro to play
got 25k doge in a wallet on a hard drive i cannot find AMA