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Wild vs Isurus
Glad to say, for once, isurus is looking much better!
Your voice-chat button?
boring majors
At the very least im sure it'll be way more fun to watch than any of vp's matches lol.
boring majors
This is mibr's map pick, relax kiddo, you'll have a good bo3.
Well, yeah, you wouldn't buy it in the first place if you weren't aiming for oc i guess.
Really need to be so rude? He is right (in part), a 8700k paired with a 1050ti or better card should be giving you at least a solid 144fps, so cpu freq is not the problem. I'd overclock it just for th...
DETONA vs Isurus
I don't disagree with you, but Isurus (and flamingos before them) tend to choke whenever they are one step from qualifying to big tournaments or winning something. Not that im making fun of that, i'd ...
DETONA vs Isurus
i thought it was 1-0 for both, my bad. Bigger chance of choke.
DETONA vs Isurus
since its not an important match and its bo1, ilulrus has a chance at winning this. They'll choke on playoffs as they always do though.
is csgo really dying?
You are right, but that is as long as there is no real competition out there. If any other company makes them feel menaced, that will probably put them to work.
Douglas Costa (BR Footballer) red card
Nice aim, could join mibr.
is csgo really dying?
Yep, now that valve realised the shit ton of money they can make with the franchise, they will probably transition to a new cs faster than they used to, avoiding mistakes like source, etc.
is csgo really dying?
is csgo really dying?
Cs won't die any time soon, sometimes other games appear and the player base lowers a bit, then they come back when that game is dying (cause there isn't a real competitive contender to cs go right no...
[HARDWARE] Which monitor?
If you have two monitors, just stick with your xl24 and get another 27" IPS for other stuff, there even are new models with IPS panels, 2k res and 144hz.