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Valorant's dead already , as predicted.
Ben Shapiro Rekt Trump
"How do you propose to deal with a very convicing icon that sends bad ideas to the mass?" That would be every single celebrity/influencer. I think there a far bigger threats.
Ben Shapiro Rekt Trump
"People like that are a massive danger to society." I dont like ben, but that sounds like a call for censoring, which iam not a fan of. I his ideas are bad, it should be easy to find empiric proof ag...
How proud are you of living in your country?
dude what? you are literally incapable to comprehend the wirtten word.
How proud are you of living in your country?
hahahahahahah that's so fucking good. You literally started of by using "rightist" as an insult, you dense fucking idiot. That's why I used "leftist". I am centrist myself because it's stupid to think...
How proud are you of living in your country?
leftist still guilty for shit that happened 70 years ago. Also, would your feelings be less hurt if I said 5/10 just to be PC and not acknowledge that germany is a good country in almost every single ...
best tv series
Yeah, I also hate critical thinking. Just accept mob rule, wait, that literally is your perspective anyways.
best tv series
haha, now we go to ad hominem. What has psychology to do with politics anyways. You still have a very naive outlook on the world. People aren't as individual and subjective as you think. I have to agr...
best tv series
If you study psychology, you know that many people just accept what's popular without questioning it, because of fear of rejection in their social cicle. This is a real phenomenon and goes back to our...