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Liquid needed coffee
3kliksphilip appreciation thread
great content creator! great 4000 iq videos.
s1mple washed?
he has been top of the scene for so long. I think only thing that probably motivates him is winning a major. If we go by age, he still has few years where he can potentially be very dominant. Just dep...
s1mple washed?
nah he's fine
which car you have
2019 Camaro LT
Unpopular opinions
very unpopular opinion :D
Unpopular opinions
s1mple was born inside csgo. You will see new creative ways every time he plays. His individual skill ceiling is unmatched. zywoo might have been a great performer and a contributor to his team for la...
not comparable /closed
fallen is 29
lot of 30+ players these days. Its not an issue of response time, its mainly motivation. It is tough to be grinding all the time specially in a competitive scene where one valve update could fk your e...
Most stupid things?
i once missed a mandatory question on an interview form. All my best friends got job offers from that company (150k AUD) and I was unemployed for an year. Basically my carelessness has hurt me few tim...
C9 oSee
He already has a good chemistry with sonic and JT. Dont think he would like to join the 'colulsus'.
Pimp "ropz doesn't often get credit"
this is another abyss that we are getting into. Are you expecting him to argue here on hltv and try to sort this out? I havent seen one argument being settled on the internet. He is criticizing the pe...
Pimp "ropz doesn't often get credit"
It is a perspective thing. Some might say Ropz is already known as a top player, some can say that he doesnt get as much attention as he deserves. So i wont get all salty on pimp for saying just that....