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Been playing csgo since January 2015 yes i am late to get it i know xD.

Current rank is: LEM

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Nip robbed of 5 major title
Why you mad bruh?
Monster energy
I r8 ur username
Monster energy
Yeah of course i am not drinking energy drinks to everyhting i mix. I drink soda, milk, water and juices. It really depends on what i am feeling to drink.
Yeah but he does not do it for the money. He does it becuase he loves the sport. Thats why i like Kimi. If he did it for the money he would have not joined Sauber and retired.
best city in your country?? MIBR | New Zealand
Uppsala - Great cultural buildings, A city with a lot of history - Student city, if you are planning on studying abroad this place is for you. -Close to Stockholm if you are planning on going there.
Lekr0 AIM
Are people blind? GTR top fragged against mouz xD
Lekr0 AIM
Which they are so that why NIP are playing good at the moment.
NiP vs Liquid
You think NIP would ban Cache over Mirage hmm not so sure.
NiP vs Liquid
Well i got the mouz game correct by saying 16-12 NIP so i will predict here aswell. 16-10 NIP #GONINJAS
NIP vs Mouz
Why not? Just because most NIP fans are biased does not mean I am.
NIP vs Mouz
Hey, I'm unbiased and can discuss anything related to NIP. Why does everybody hate NIP fans? I have never understood why.
NIP vs Mouz
Ok not great but alright. There not super bad and if chrisJ and Snax are on form they can be scary.
NIP vs Mouz
You have not seen him recently then. GTR has been performing good as of late and even though he does not frag so much in certain games he still gets the important frags and does his job as a support.
NIP vs Mouz
Yeah dayform and map pick are pretty vital.