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Been playing csgo since January 2015 yes i am late to get it i know xD.

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Is Billie Eilish a heroin addict?
Oh wow dude nice assumptions xD
Is Billie Eilish a heroin addict?
Ok, I will stop. That's it for the night I will see all of you next time. Bye Bye!
Is Billie Eilish a heroin addict?
Yeah, I know you don´t. My comment was a thing called a joke if you have heard about it?
Is Billie Eilish a heroin addict?
Says the guy from The Netherlands LUL
Saab vs Volvo
Yes, it sucked to work with xD. But we had a red oil which I can't remember what it was called but it apparently could make a man cry and scream so yeah definitely worked with glasses with that oil xD...
Saab vs Volvo
Yeah like I would know anything man xD. I just worked repairing hydraulics.
Saab vs Volvo
xD I Have actually worked in a SAAB Gripen factory.
Saab vs Volvo
I is still producing cars. That should say something xD
CS GO sensivity
bruh I play 300 dpi and 1.3 sens xD
11 000+ scientists warn about the climate
My take on this is that there is little that the European countries can do except perhaps change their energy production to something climate-friendly. But otherwise its the big pollution countries su...
AMA on anything
Have you served in the military? And if you did, how was it?
No Nut November
Wow, dude why so triggered let people talk about it if they want. Personally I did it last year but decided to not do it this year.
How many girls have you dated?
Yeah, it is =/
touched girl for first time
xD Alright then.
touched girl for first time
Well didn't she technically touch you?