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mousesports vs ENCE
mad russian cuz rops losted))) blyat
mousesports vs ENCE
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mousesports vs ENCE
ropzgod lost :( unfortunate
Range Rover Evoque 😊
mousesports vs ENCE
expected's from ropz fan
homophobes are mentally ill
+1 not sure why it is such a big deal. doesnt affect me in any way
homophobes are mentally ill
who cares about homos in 2018? let people suck dick if they want to. not like it affects you in any way. except of course positively, since there is more free pussi for u as there are less males comp...
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
ohh so ence was shit after all XD for a short while i saw a glimmer of hope in this team but now that is gone
HAVU vs kalajarnot
if havu loses this its time to disband playing literally vs a nonamer mix
expected from jew thread... so now that I'm here, please explain: what if something is wrong in ur brain and u want both? why should you need to be "normal"? if you want to have it 50-50, feel free. ...
Bisexual AMA
do u like grills with penises
ruined my hair
im bald :(
ruined my hair
can you confirm this? any personal experiences with it?
very ez 4 encebois
If NiP wins
this logic is just plain stupid. if they win a major, chances are, that they can win another one too as they are playing good CS if they place last at the major, they most likely wont win the next o...