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Poor fitch
Hobbit was new in team also but he showed himself a real beast in Krakow. It's sad but Fitch is not tier1 player (can he became better is a question because he's 25 or smth)
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Come on, FaZe, save my pickem
mousesports vs Vega Squadron
These teams... one day they suck hard and another day just wreck everything
Got cobble package watching Sprout vs Renegades in Twitch app on iPad. (actually not watching because fell asleep, lol)
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
Now electronic will think twice before talking bullshit about teams like FaZe in interviews
worst pro nicknames?
TyLoo vs Gambit
not so ez for gambit
Wololos vs Ukraine
Nice comeback trololos
1.6 pros quit cs
They probably hated the new game like many other 1.6 fans did. Early versions of CSGO were still cartoonish like CSS. And they didn't want to spend a lot of time learning new stuff and not being paid ...
2k hours and still gn3
Everytime you fail or die think about why it happened, maybe you could've had better position, movement, spray control, etc. Even when you're playing with 4 retards think about YOUR mistakes.
post your ctrl + v
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Underestimating VP
FaZe vs TyLoo
16:3 16:7