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10 minutes PogChamp
its gonna be kjaerbye, you heard it first here
woxic*s insane english skills
Swedish shuffle
Even swedish shuffle wont save swedish scene unless they stop thinking they are all mighty.
Nice to see you finished it mate and looks like i'll have hell amount of bait rating :(
Thoorins toxic sister
Can confirm she looks like thorin.
fastest guy on hltv + rusty james explained...
First of all as I said on other thread when there is notifications you don't need bot unless you ampute. Second, there was several left over codes which was letting you see about news like you said b...
well check your pm if you think im lying :/
aka called following twitter and knowing some players/stuff in scene lets say.
I'm not an admin or anything else's alt, just typing stuff fast after notification appears and for interviewing stuff or team changes etc I just have some sources whats happening and typing stuff abou...
Fastest guy EXPOSED
nice logic but sadly i do have some friends from kebabland as well and asked them what can i reply to him and they told me this simple as is by the way maybe change your nickname to feelsbaitman?
[AMA] Fastest_Guy_On_HLTV
Seems you clearly never read my comments and just focused how I was fast at it.
[AMA] Fastest_Guy_On_HLTV
Well I don't have any evil intention at all.
[AMA] Fastest_Guy_On_HLTV
Yes, unfortunately some times when my internet explorer fail me out.
[AMA] Fastest_Guy_On_HLTV
Over 9000, see what i did there?