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karrigan haters lmao
bye indeed.. what a closer from u ... totally in awe xD don't u comment again ;) c ya
karrigan haters lmao
btw just read the original post again if u dont understand what im trying to say
karrigan haters lmao
let's see in upcoming matches.. dude.. u speak as if he was born yesterday xD .. he;s been fucking playing for yrs and it's also a matter of mentality.. his improved performance is a result of some ti...
karrigan haters lmao
he has improved within 2 weeks.. surely if they cn overocme the mental issues and prac together they cn do better .. just saying he;s looking better this match .. let's see in the upcoming matches..
karrigan haters lmao
i'm talking about his mechanics.. -_- -_- the movements and the way he is hitting headshots... talking about his individual performance.. wtf does "online" and "b01" has to do with it ... fucking silv...
karrigan haters lmao
not saying he back for good.. but he is looking way better than what he was playing merely 2 weeks ago..
Mouz players ego xD
why cry ? snax has lost his touch and mouz were top2 with styko... they have realised that the combination was perfect and with some extra effort they cn regain their top form.. BTW it was inevitabl...
Classic ENCE
16-6 inferno... EZ4ENCE
FUCKING TOXIC ARROGANT CUNTS... NOOB LEGENDS ... they r only good for counterstratting b01's .. come b03's back to noobness... xD LMAO get fucked BIG... go cry on twitter!
Link asap
So much for the interviewer getting annoyed... Frankie is worst fucking interviewer I've ever seen... Tf kinda questions is she asking after every match... >_<...
Snax performance
Tf u talking about? Mouz reached top2 hltv earlier.. When faze were top1
best update
Gold nova spotted
mousesports vs ENCE
Cologne rematch