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Non GoT fans come
ahhhh the b8 is real...
Is Olofmeister cheating?
if he's cheating now, I don't know what he was using back in 2015
Non GoT fans come
don't be so edgy, let people enjoy their shit as they let you enjoy yours.
Non GoT fans come
finally! a post we didn't ask for, but will certainly enjoy! now, what should we do here?????
Medellín, Columbia
Well, haven't been there, but south america is the same in some stuff. the best advice I'd give is don't fool around with your phone or any personal stuff. Tourists really stand out and you don't wann...
HLTV so rightist wtf
Read the other comments that I made, please. I think I already wrote this.
HLTV so rightist wtf
just #141
HLTV so rightist wtf
tried to answer everything from the other comments, but kinda hard with that XXL argument of yours
HLTV so rightist wtf
not censuring them, just letting the stupidity come to the forums and not go to the actually serious news section. we still could talk here, and discuss everything that we want, instead of posting "wh...
HLTV so rightist wtf
bs seems to be the fuel of this site. I really feel bad for the people that work here and just have to coexist with all this stupidity, don't you?
HLTV so rightist wtf
+1. My thought was more of a "it'd be great if" thing than anything else. Anyways, I still think that all the hard work put by the hltv guys isn't being paid back when I see the comments on the news s...
HLTV so rightist wtf
i don't think the comment section in the news is useful. It gives idiots the power to be idiots, as we see them competing for the #1 comment. Maybe just discussing by twitter is enough. Obviously, the...
HLTV so rightist wtf
the internet is becoming fascist. hltv itself isn't try to make the site that way, but they can't keep up with all the comments. I would start by disabling completely the comments on the news section....
Isurus vs Denial
detona is from Brazil
Italy Explain???
wtf that's why I learned