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Difference between Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania?
Younger generations are more accepting of Russians. We don't think all Ruskis are bad, we just didn't like the Soviets. Stalin was an evil man.
Difference between Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania?
Estonia is trying to be nordic, fails, but is still the most successful country of the bunch. Imo Latvia and Lithuania are countries devastated too much by Soviets. We don't have similiar languages. P...
I'll guess your rank by your music taste
LEM, but i am shit so could easily be DMG :D. I noticed i misspelled RHCP, but on a side note John Frusciante is my favourite guitarist of all time :D
I'll guess your rank by your music taste
british invasion, britpop, garage rock, indie rock, alternative rock (Beatles, RCHP, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Strokes) 1567 16
thank mens)
Favorite Music Genre
Alternative rock, garage rock, british invasion
HLTV School
Ill be the one who insults brazilians all day and screams astralisLUL and fazetop1
Which language do you hate the most?
lithuanian. russian is close second
Most Depressing City/Town in your country?
L.A is trash, it might sound good but i'd rather be in NY or any other big city before L.A
British people on HLTV.org
UK people might be bad, but its nothing compared to the brazilians... we've been plagued by these for 2 years and now they've gone quiet cause MIBR is in shit form
not yet. maybe soon
Top 3 albums?
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever people say I am, thats what im not Metallica - Master of puppets Post Malone - Stoney
Your one and only Nickname to rate
Favorite music genre?
Indie Rock I bet you look good on the dancefloor - Arctic monkeys 2008