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Political Compass test
G2's Passion is gone
G2 with ScreaM was the last french team playing with passion
can you piss in a pocket?
thats a good idea gonna try it some time
girlfriend height
155-170cm imo
ScreaM short hair
finally he cut that shit off
zombie apocalypse
wake up
Most overrated things for you?
Skinny jeans for men
slim or athletic fit is the best type of clothing
[+18] Girl's preferences in men?
I mean There's going to be people out there in the world who don't find him completely ugly. There's people I don't find particularly good looking which a girl might find cute.
[+18] Girl's preferences in men?
Anyways, most women are in the ranges under 5'8 , meaning the majority of men will end up being the same height or taller which is just fine for most women. you can be 5'10 or 5'11 tall (even in shoes...
[+18] Girl's preferences in men?
I mean I wouldn't consider him ugly, he looks "clean" (like he takes care of himself) and has some decent style so he's average, some girls will find him alright and others will think he's ugly, as I ...
[+18] Girl's preferences in men?
I should have made it clear that U have to be at least average looking + good personality then there's a lot of attractive girls you have a chance with, however if u ugly then there's no chance. Heigh...
[+18] Girl's preferences in men?
1. Not ugly 2. Personality 3. Looks 4. Money 5. Height if u have Looks + personality then >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all else. if you're not average looking at the least its GG for u