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Most funny pro player?
H0bbit deserves some consideration, along with Dosia.
M4A4 vs M4A1-S
It really depends on what map you're playing. I personally go: dust2 - m4a1s cache - m4a4 train - m4a4 overpass - m4a1s cobble - m4a4 mirage - depends on my mood inferno - m4a4 (if i want to play B)...
when is SK kicking taco?
Why couldn't any other player relay information like he can? Oh I don't know, because not every other CS pro speaks portuguese and has great synergy with the rest of SK? And he's "just dying"? Coldzer...
when is SK kicking taco?
On paper he's an "entry fragger", but a different kind. His main job, from what I've been able to see since their days in LG, is to gather information, not necessarily get opening kills. He goes in fi...
when is SK kicking taco?
I am. But blaming the bottom-fragger every time a team loses is just so typical of CS fans of any team. TACO has never been a good fragger, because that's not his job. I can only remember one tourname...
when is SK kicking taco?
TACO has a bad series and everyone is screaming for him to get removed. Lmfao, i thought you SK whores were a little better than that
BIG ruined PGL major
BIG won all their games on Inferno...nobody actually knows what they can do outside of that map, so chill the hell out. Winning on Inferno 3 times doesn't prove that they're a top 10 team in the world...
Best engineering?
Give mechatronics/robotics engineering some consideration as well.
+1 for epic burn m8 H
Swiss ruined Majors
The only thing that the swiss format lacks is a BO3 in the "groupstage". If we have at least one BO3 for the elimination matches, it'd be a lot better.
SK Champions again
The only way SK will lose is if they make dumb mistakes
top 5 majors?
1) Cologne 2015 2) DH Winter 2014 3) Cologne 2014 4) ELEAGUE 2017 5) DH Winter 2013
SK - Hate?
Cause SK is the 2nd best team in GO history
best css players?
Ex6TenZ in early source was a fucking beast. He used to play a little bit like FalleN does now when back then