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Noah Winston
Are you fucking kidding me? C9 would have easily got out in TSM's group or IMT's group. In TSM's group, flashwolves were terrible and the only real competition would have been Misfits and WE. WE would...
Noah Winston
IMT are definitely not as good as TSM or C9. C9 just had a rough summer split but they got it together in time for worlds and TSM will always be better domestically even if they both choke internation...
Liquid Fragmovie
That was actually pretty good. I'm not a fan of the over-editing at some parts, but that's just my personal preference for frag movies.
Yah but those game wins came from beating the worst teams in pro league. Their hardest opponent was liquid, which they played today.
Wait, how is optic consistent? They've literally lost maps to luminosity and lost an entire series against misfits.
Cloud9 Fix
Actually, esl pro league happened first. C9 beat fnatic at Valencia after they lost to them at pro league.
Cloud9 wtf
Are you referring to elige? If so I thought he said he was working on his attitude problems.
Cloud9 wtf
Although elige would have been the most preferable option, I think people are too quick to hate on rush and tarik. It is true that they have fallen off a bit recently, but honestly who can blame them?...
Why are clown9 allowed to compete in the higher level?
Remember that decider game between C9 and mouz where chrisj pushed banana through a smoke with no flashes and somehow made it work? Talk about pug plays.
What C9 Needs
I mean he is pretty much the only player on that team that is willing and capable of opening up rounds and creating space for his team. Although in some instances I wish he would just bait n0thing and...
Ya I remember the Bucharest people had signs that said where C9 was going. Not that it really mattered, but ghosting in general is a problem most crowds experience.
The Brazilian crowd was also screaming "Long" in that final 1v1 between autimatic and cold, but I guess everyone's singling out the NA crowd today.
I feel like its over edited at some parts, not bad overall though
Glad C9 are doing bad
Is this really all that it takes to convince you that a player is cheating?
Glad C9 are doing bad
Why would C9 remove Stewie? He is probably their most impactful player.