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Cloud9 vs SK
His brain has grown to levels never seen before
Liquid vs Cloud9
Grand finals came a little bit earlier than expected. Hoping for a good match.
Cloud9 vs OpTic
Yah, if you ignore the fact that this C9 roster has been pretty mediocre online
Liquid vs TeamOne
My man I watched the televised games, there definitely wasn't a one hour delay. I don't really know who is hosting the NA minor but contracting the minors to random companies is standard practice.
Liquid vs TeamOne
They didn't have delays for the televised show, are you stupid? The time listed on hltv was when the entire production went live, including the pre match analysis and other things.
Liquid vs TeamOne
Can't you say the same about eleague and their own studio?
Liquid vs TeamOne
Yah man the PGL major was soooooooooo great. Fucking kidding.
Cloud9 vs Renegades
Don't @ me
Cloud9 vs Renegades
Stop subtweeting me
Cloud9 vs Renegades
Lucky game. Fns will tear them a new one tomorrow
Cloud9 vs Renegades
Renegades on LAN lul
Cloud9 vs Renegades
They're going to lose to CLG tomorrow in the decider
Cloud9 vs Renegades
They suck period
Noah Winston
Are you fucking kidding me? C9 would have easily got out in TSM's group or IMT's group. In TSM's group, flashwolves were terrible and the only real competition would have been Misfits and WE. WE would...
Noah Winston
IMT are definitely not as good as TSM or C9. C9 just had a rough summer split but they got it together in time for worlds and TSM will always be better domestically even if they both choke internation...