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MIBR vs Cloud9
I swear they could easily bring this to over 26.5 if they wanted to. They got tilted after they got ecoed and proceeded to lose the game as fast as possible. I didn't even bet over, I was on C9. Never...
MIBR vs Cloud9
They got ecoed by CT's, on Dust 2 on the most critical round of the game. fuck me
MIBR vs Cloud9
Fallen era = 7 rounds on Overpass
MIBR vs Cloud9
awp so broken the only reason of mibr's 5-1 lead in the first half.
100 Thieves vs Cloud9
Right know yes, back then no. Udyr was good when league was simpler.
100 Thieves vs Cloud9
your flag tells me everything, don't make me do it.
100 Thieves vs Cloud9
don't call C9 chokers, there is G2, Liquid, MIBR on the line to take the throne from 100Chokes
100 Thieves vs Cloud9
look at GG.BET odds https://prnt.sc/styvq6 I wish I saw this before I combo'd Furia + C9
fnatic vs mousesports
What?? How did one of the 2 equally skilled teams took 6 rounds on Train as CTs, when Train is a CT dominant map? I can't believe this. Must be Fnatic playing reaaaaally bad!!!
fnatic vs mousesports
Nope, it means that Mouse played that round wrong. Odds one of the 2 equally skilled teams clashing winning a 5v2 is very low and it usually means it's not a "clutch" but a throw from the team with th...
fnatic vs mousesports
Fnatic fans, don't get your hopes up this is mouse handing the game to them they will still lose to Riders the another day
Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
I'm happy to see tarik fragging. He was dead for a good while.
Natus Vincere vs NiP
still loses to tier 5 cis teams outgunned by jammpi no major
SKADE vs Nordavind
I posted this a week ago. Nordavind had 2 matches at the same time. They postponed the match to today instead of forfeiting.
Let's go GODSENT! This is definitely doable. edit: it wasnt