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BIG vs Sprout
BIG vs Sprout
If you ever feel bad about how you used to do things better, or how you were better just remember BIG Clan. This team beated Vitality and Astralis back to back. Now they're losing to german dignitas ...
BIG vs Sprout
Just bet both teams to score over 80 in any NBA game. EZ money.
BIG vs Sprout
I also bet both teams to score on Juve match and Chicago Bulls to win vs Dallas Mavericks. A combo with all these picks should be around 5 odds. Enjoy!
BIG vs Sprout
I desperately bet on BIG to win D2, expected a blowout but here we are. Now I'm betting on Sprout so they'll get rekt, just as expected. Just letting you guys know so you can have a feast on my curse.
HellRaisers vs Sinners
GG Sinners You gained my respect. In fact, you're the only small regional team(like MRS, Nexus, BP5, Sangal, 9INE, Nemiga) I respect. Keep up the good work, be consistent and you'll be top 30 in no ti...
Nexus vs Budapest Five
I thought I outsmarted the bookie by betting over for more odds than under. Maybe BP5 can still win d2? no?
Sangal vs Unique
TOP #7 prediction
I bet on BlameF to be #7 with @5. I can't see how BlameF is better than ropz or elec. He reminds me of PaszhaBiceps literally. Looks and gameplay wise. Buff guy with average/mediocre gameplay.
BIG vs NiP
LOL Xantares what a tryharder 2020 is LONG GONE and you AINT getting that top 20 spot with a showmatch anyway bro go do something useful with your life
BIG vs NiP
why delay?
Unicorns of Love vs plan-B
Let's go plan bee
Nexus vs Winstrike
you were saying?
Nexus vs Winstrike
Did anyone seriously thought Nexus gaming had a chance for real? Mirage and Dust2 Winstrike environment I expect another blowout on the third decider map.
Nexus vs Winstrike
3-0 4-16 Nexus moment