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HLTV Top 20 2017 Candidates
Also I forgot RpK
HLTV Top 20 2017 Candidates
That's hardly anything, defo not enough especially considering that he hasn't been a great IGL or fragger
HLTV Top 20 2017 Candidates
Stewie achieved less than ELiGE even this year and ELiGE has consistently done well in big events. KNG has been in immortals for only a short ti,e and hen1 inconsistent and low impact. Magisk and flam...
HLTV Top 20 2017 Candidates
Cuz 1. He is statistically much better and hltv cares about stats and 2. HEN1 sucks and 3. KNG has only been in immortals for a few months. Flag tho
HLTV Top 20 2017 Candidates
This is based on currently, not accounting for the upcoming events
HLTV Top 20 2017 Candidates
In no order: NiKo rain Guardian s1mple Flamie AdreN H0bbit JW device xyp9x kjaerbye k0nfig ELiGE fer coldzera felps Fallen KennyS shox Magisk Snax
What do you drink?
Tea without milk and with lemon, San pellegrino sparkling water
Top 5 players ATM
1. NiKo 2. dev1ce 3. s1mple 4. fer 5. coldzera
What team do u support?
Football: Inter Baku, Qarabag, FC Baku, Nefci Baku, FC Barcelona, Manchester City Basketball: Miami Heats Tennis: Rodger Federrer CS: Navi, G2, whatever team guardian goes to and nV Dota: Navi Cod: nV...
Twistzz: Second Entry EliGE: Entry swag: Lurker Stewie: AWPer DaZeD: IGL
5 players for dream team
Best team assuming no language barriers: NiKo: Secondary AWPer/Entry s1mple: Second Entry KennyS: AWPer coldzera: Rifler Zeus: IGL The team I wish would exist assuming no language barriers: Guardian:...
400 dpi sensitivity?
Build ur own Continental team
swag: Lurker NiKo: Secondary AWPer/Entry Fallen: IGL/AWPer BnTeT: Rifler jks: Rifler
Dream teams
Yeah I rushed it sorry. Il have Magisk as a support. Also -Stewie +Twistzz :D
Dream teams
Why not? It would need so,e time yes, but it would ne insane