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It looks boring because you do not understand the game yet. Trust me. I was a CS 1.6 player. When everyone switched to CSGO I had trouble finding a game I would enjoy as much as CS 1.6. Dota, LoL and ...
Twitch stuttering (MacBook)
Hello. I have tried all browsers. No luck.
Twitch stuttering (MacBook)
Thank you for your answer. I have already tried. It doesn't work.
Twitch stuttering (MacBook)
Thank you for your answer. I noticed the Livesteamer solution, but I'd like to try to fix it without having to use all sorts of different software just to watch a livestream. And Livesteamer seems a l...
Worth to buy Mac?
It's way easier to navigate on a Mac. Everything feels more smooth when working. And it has countless features to support your work. I absolutely love a Mac for work, but there's no way I'd use it for...
Dota 2 item
That item is not worth 100 dollars. He set that price himself. It is an autographed item by Versuta. You won't get 100 dollars for that one. No one will buy it.
1.6 to CSGO pro player comparisons
Maybe you should take a look at my post again. My post is about the individual skills and you are talking about strats and ingame calls. Two very different things. Next time, I'd prefer for you to act...
1.6 to CSGO pro player comparisons
Why would they be even better? CS 1.6 was a game where you needed to master aim, movement and game sense/IQ or what ever. Being a great CS 1.6 player required a lot of different skills. Why do you thi...
1.6 to CSGO pro player comparisons
Absolutely true.
HUNDEN insane ace!
Top3 TV Series
1. True Detective (there is NO doubt about it) 2. Sons of Anarchy/Walking Dead/Suits/Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul
On Steam there's a game called 9th Company: Roots of Terror. It is actually made by real terrorists. Proof: Terror is included in the game name.
I am not following chrisJ and his team's performance. I am not really commenting on this matter. I am just saying that trying to analyze his LAN performance through EI is laughable. EI is the abil...
Trying to "analyze" chrisJ's LAN performance through Emotional Intelligence is laughable.
Don't see anything wrong with him either. He's a great analyzer/commentator.