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That's her character though, shes naturally written to be manipulative in a more "real to life" way, kind of like Umbridge in Harry Potter. I guarantee any money this whole "Lady in the Lake" thing ne...
Is there really any point? Polish teams aside from the old VP just end up being shit and fruitless. Honestly, they'd find more success going mixes or just straight up retiring lmao
im done with nip
Why would he be? Get right is a shadow of his former self and genuinely is just spray and pray, dennis doesn't even need to be described. Get right would probably be a better coach than Pita but hes...
My opinion on transgenderism. (WARNING: VERY LONG)
Specify what part of his argument is openly transphobic, and then we can go from there. Spouting metaphors again isn't actually doing anything to contribute to or further this conversation.
My opinion on transgenderism. (WARNING: VERY LONG)
If you're going to reject any logically justified and sound argument under the guise of transphobia even though it isn't, don't bother speaking. People like you are part of why it's becoming difficult...
eUnited vs MVP PK
Swole Patrol died for this
i fix any team!!
-Grati if he doesn't start showing up, +Smoo Watching that team in EPL was pretty nutty, only reason they lost that first match was because of the massive loss of skill through cutler over jkaem
Endgame most basic shit ever
No matter what you say, it wont change the fact you're autistic and cant accept people have tastes different to yourself. You can like MCU or whatever you want, being a sanctimonious prick about it i...
FaZe options
They need an IGL. flusha filled a role, and is no way an IGL. Honestly, the sad part is there isn't really any IGL's on the market worth considering. People can meme that getting rid of karrigan was...
Vitality or G2 ?
G2 are held back by shox's leading. Vitality are held back by ALEX and Rpk's inconsistency.
casual shoes
Go buy some shit 5 euro pennys/primark ones, or buy those sneaks, or buy fakes. Buy some White Stans, if you want a slightly cheaper but objectively more fashionable pair. Those trainers look like so...
Neil M steps down from imperial.
nah it definitely got uploaded as 25412, got removed, and you just updated the number
Neil M steps down from imperial.
what the actual fuck
FalleN Leaves
I'm a rebel just for kicks
There's actually nothing wrong with the pieces that make this roster, what I'm not understanding is why they've seemingly deviated from their successful style of play from older tourneys like Cologne....