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FalleN Leaves
I'm a rebel just for kicks
There's actually nothing wrong with the pieces that make this roster, what I'm not understanding is why they've seemingly deviated from their successful style of play from older tourneys like Cologne....
Smooya beef
It's not his fault you're too retarded to see the point being made lmao. What does being Finnish have to do with it?
tyloo era over ???
Just gotta drop Mo/DD for other people in that region Maybe bottle for Mo?
whats your fav pizza
thick pizza, spicy tomato base, mozzarella, topped with chicken and chorizo
Pendulum being at the same time as Kendrick killed any hype I had
Festival lineups this year were shit, no point
Richard Lewis revenge
Who is his gf?
Legit, I adhered to it pretty strictly and just spent money on things I know I would really want/need. In like 7 months after Xmas, birthdays, giving money to family who need it, holiday etc. and liv...
Spending just because it's payday is a bad habit, and encourages impulsive and wasteful purchases. Unless you have something in mind once you hit pay day, just seek to preserve cash you don't need to...
Top 10 players ATM?
Anyone who thinks this list is any other people than: Guardian, S1mple, Electronic, Niko, Cold, Magisk, Device, Dupreeh, xyp, glaive is a fool
Probably could've equalised if they didn't act like complete retards by using 2 mins of extra time to start scrapping the french team
I want to bang her
Don't listen to any of these retards lmao, if you guys know eachother all you have to do is ask her if she wants to do something in the near future and just see where it goes, if interest is there you...
Fix Gambit
there wasn't really any proven one they could get as replacement, that was both cheap and Slav. AVANGAR were sick with Jame, now they should take the opportunity before it goes.
Fix Gambit
Has nobody been paying attention to the fact Jame got benched by Avangar? Literally a free IGL, get rid of seized