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1440p vs 1080p
For csgo if you can keep the fps high it’s great. Other games it’s rough using a 144 hz monitor at high res. Inconsistent fps I play on my 1440p for everything tho. I love it the colors are a lot ...
M4 (9% used) AUG (17% used)
They will fix the price of the aug soon enough. But no one really cares. Both m4 and aug do the same damage. It really is a preference which gun you use.
YeH too many people get butt hurt these days and make a big deal out of it. And since it blows up the media and does a lot of damage. Twitch and a lot of other platforms are adapting to it. And puttin...
living as minority
Racism will slowly go away. But it’s only time. And any time I hear minority it boils my blood. There is no such thing as minorty and less opportunity for minority’s. It’s a simple excuse people use...
GPU or CPU Upgrade for better FPS in CSGO
Just get a better gpu. A 950 is a terrible card. Doesn’t matter what people say. It’s very bad. Your cpu is fine. You can get over 250 fps. Just really depends on the settings you play
Laughing at a “tier 5” tournament. Yet Astralis played in it.
Poland come here
What’s wrong with hosting the major in Poland ?
USA gun question
If you break into someone’s house and hear a gun being loaded. You’ll be out faster then you came in. If you hear a shotgun being loaded you know it’s not for friendly conversation.
He is better off streaming honestly. I don’t think anyone will really take him.
Mythic new 5th
Adren seemed like he fell off the pro scene after the Columbus major. Too bad he was a solid player. And I think he can do wonders coaching. Just like Sean g
Someone wants to help someone else and it’s a problem. Let it be. If they fail then they fail. It won’t happen again. It will be their last chance to do anything.
Is Valve a good developer for CS:GO?
There is no company out there that would keep servers alive for csgo. Face it. Valve may be greedy but they keep the game enjoyable to play. All the other companies would be looking for a new gold m...
why ppl racist...
Only true reason why we are “racist” is because of our parents and grandparents who showed us racism. And history teaches us about racism. That’s all there is to it. Only way to get rid of racism is...
got scammed :[[[ HELP!
Why in the world would you sell game skins over pay pal. How brain dead do you have to be.
Why is the talent so weirdly distributed
Not everyone is willing to drop out of school to go pro in csgo.