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MP5 Review Video.
Desperate for views so posts a shitty vid.
Cheap monitor 120/144hz
Google cheap 144 monitor
I lost everything on gambling, need help
Gambling before legal age good job. This is why we can’t have nice things.
d0cc 30+avg frags
And the community should care why?
USA overrated
That’s not actually true. The only part is these days you need 2 incomes to live comfortably. As an average household. Food doesn’t suck if you actually shop outside of Walmart. There are a lot of s...
They said scaleform is limited time. Good like to all the potato pc users In the near future
Why would anyone throw. It’s like throwing money away for them
VP vs 5POWER tomorrow
Vp needs a 5th that can frag really well. Morelz is meh.
YNK 400 iq
But who will replace ynk I liked him at the desk!
Thoughts on semmler hate
It’s 2018. There are a handful of words that simply can’t be said. Because the society/ community will blow up. Also it’s that day and age where an apology is meaningless. Time served means nothing....
top 5 shows?
The office season 9 was a disappointment. Enjoyed the rest of them. I also liked Brooklyn 99 very funny. But I would add the blacklist to the top 5. Very good show
shroud 1%er
It’s an example of how easily people make money off other people.
xyp9x became the most profitable player of all time
You get taxed insanely high. I lose over 37% weekly from my paycheck. Also I do understand they get paid monthly. I’m just simply saying the money they made over the years is t as high as some peopl...
xyp9x became the most profitable player of all time
Here is the thing. You’re comparing people that started years ago to people who started only a few years ago. On top of the prize pools that skyrocketed as well. The good thing for these plays is th...
shroud 1%er
Why do you care how shroud made his money? There are a lot more people out there that simply steal money and legally you can’t do anything about it. For example for every 15$ someone makes working ...