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win 8 or 10
Windows 7 was great. But windows 10 is good now. At first it didn’t feel smooth had its issues but overtime became great. I mean my boot time is like 15 seconds. Things load quick. No slow downs. Ever...
Faceit and esea are going to make bank with all the new players who drop out of mm for a bit more fair play. But I honestly haven’t ran into a cheater in mm. In my 2500 hours played never ran into a...
i5 9600k to op for 1060 6gb??
A bottle neck is created when a gpu or cpu is being maxed out while the other isn’t working at its full potential. For 1080 gaming you’ll be fine
what CS become (br)
It’s a fun mode. It even competitive. Just like wingman. Or any other casual mode. I enjoy it. Played a few games.
18+ Make 20$ a day online
If there is a will there is a way. And from what it sounds like you have no will so there is no way
3-4 hours before you see any kind of update for csgo
10 Facts about USA that EU and BR love to ignore
Everyone watches the news these days. Or reads crap online believe everything they hear and assume it’s true. Why because why would news or the internet lie!! People come to the us and say the food ...
Xyp9x Legit or Not?
Generally you throw the nades from the same spots in a main. Eventually you can pre aim the spots. He heard the nades and was simply baiting for his team so they don’t peak forklift
The Middle East In 2018 is like watching children. Fight over a toy.
ppl say csgo is #1 esport?
I can’t see how people find watching Dota or lol enjoyable. Watching someone farm mobs and then eventually attacking someone else. Or running to town. Boring game play
Apple is smart!
Over the years I had android phones. And tried out a lot of different ones. At the end of the day within 6-12 months the android phones would slow down to crap. Battery life would decrease by half or ...
which team can destroy Astralis
Can’t believe how many salty people are out there. And actually think everyone is a cheater
How to get better at CSGO?
Simply understanding your mistake can take you a long way. On top of practice aim and spray control. Peak servers as well
samsung or iphone
I have a iPhone 7+. It does what it needs to do. The battery life is actually pretty good. I have the phone almost 2 years now. The battery life is almost as good as it was when I got it new. Phone ru...
VP new logo
Changing the vp logo but why. The old one is awesome as is