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1-1 shitwars?
SuperJymy vs Nemiga
ez lose to shitteam with stand-in
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
yup, sorry for my rusky english but still u can understand me and thats fine :)
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
and, can u see that rn? TS still cant play on the same stage?
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
so some guys from these teams playing cs a long time ago (from 1.6) if u know, and i know are TS can play with Imperial at the same stage dude, its not delusional, ure just seems like toxic fan of imp...
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
lol, ure pretty smart holland guy, how long ure watching cs? like 2 years? just go ahead kiddy, ur speech seems like regular bettor without arguments :)
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
no, sltv just scripted their match-ups, noway dogsent was stronger than imperial, just any proof for scam that org :) P.S. are TS roster looks like the same stage with Imperial.
Tempo Storm vs Imperial
hahaha, imperial lost inferno to shitsent at sltv and now they winning that, nice scripts xD
North vs AGO
Another one scam match by scam organization
Imperial vs GODSENT
Fuckng starladder scam org, push teams with bigger fanbase for views, rot in hell, fuck ur lan, fuck ur brand, fuck urselves.
Imperial vs GODSENT
75% winrate on inferno loses to 40% nice fix
Imperial vs GODSENT
Imperial fucking joke
Imperial vs GODSENT
Brollan issa next sweden big thing :)
Imperial vs GODSENT
butthurt for godsent fans Round over - Winner: T (1-0) - Enemy eliminated EspiranTo killed twist with usp_silencer twist killed nexa with usp_silencer EspiranTo killed hampus with glock (headshot) Es... vs Windigo
pls trash bulgarian team rekt that fucking old tards like 16-1