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I Hate Sad youngsters
What a retard lol
Isurus vs Sharks
Isurus vs Sharks
The 5 most overrated cities in the world
I don't agree with London and NY, especially London. I stayed there for 1 month and a half and I fucking loved it.
The 5 most overrated cities in the world
+1 I don't know why but I didn't like Barcelona at all. Same with the last time I visited Par,the first time was like really beatiful and the 2nd it was like another different city.
new cache...
Same bro. Overpass,mirage and train for me
new cache...
The only thing that Valve does with their remakes is to lower our fps lol
9z vs Hawks
But 9z is older lol
Isurus vs Infinity
Isurus lost the most stupid rounds lol, I feel bad for nokste and 1962. This team have no future
He didn't say tier1 player, he said that meyern is insane and he really is. https://www.hl...
gf asked for break :(
If you love someone you don't need a break dude, it's either you love him/her or not. Just end things a move on quickly mate. Sometimes we don't like endings or we're afraid of them so we use the brea...
im broken down
you're clearly baiting lol
Isurus vs Infinity
Isurus have been playing like shit lately with nbl, Infinity have chances.
Least liked team?
EG did the same lol