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New GODSENT (BR) playing now !!!
New GODSENT (BR) playing now !!! Felps really fucked when he choose this rather than BOOM/MIBR guys
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
They played only two BLAST in NA and in the finals they went 3rd. Most of the BLAST tournaments were in EU. You need to get your facts straight buddy 😂😂
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
Bro, is not that hard...You have the info here: They qualified because of BLAST Ranking, same as Navi,Liquid and G2. And of course that...
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
We? LMAO They qualified btw...
What are your thoughts on this roster move? Personally, I think nothing is good about this. We just received a lion's share of the worst fanbase in CS:GO. This puts much more pressure on Liquid's play...
Are you retarded?
Fallen will destroy NaVi today
He's not going to Team One, they already signed cass1n and skullz. He said that he had depression a month ago, maybe he's mentally unastable. He's acting very weird for sure, uploading three times the...
Capital of the world
How the hell that ghost town have 56k people in it? PD; i actually did some research and that is only the bad part of the city.
Vitality vs Complexity
Why would you even write this useless comment?
Vitality vs Complexity
"First Astralis signed him, now coL ..." Yeah, I'm the dumb one. What a fucking retard
Endpoint vs LDLC
-Lambert +jackz -sixer +lucky ez
Vitality vs Complexity
coL didn't sign him lol
This dude was playing in tier 2.5/3 Brazil and he wasn't even the best in his team wtf