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FACEIT Major 2018 Grand Final
hardstyle to stand in for S1mple and Winstrike got this easy
Gaming place in Krakow?
isn't a cybercafe essentially a gaming place? What's the difference
21 and 16 gf?
(18+) i made a polack friend
I rarely browse HLTV forums and for the past couple of days whenever I click a thread or two at least one of them is you telling a random story, implying or directly stating this or that race is infer...
Worst Pro Nickname
nahte, reltuc and any player who spells his name or surname backward.
fav. major
Both Eleagues had great finals. ESL One Cologne 2015 and MLG Columbus 2016 were pretty decent as well
Why G2 Has a lot of Potential
I feel like at this point with the meta in the CS scene there's no way a team with 3 low firepower players can succeed. Ex6tenz IGL sure keep him. Bodyy support yeah whatever with 3 star players it co...
Yea shitty isn't it :(
Interesting Fact Of The Day
I believe that under insanely stressful situations i.e pulse is.above 180 the body starts shutting down all currently unimportant organs and systems so you can focus more. Kinda like ironman saying al...
No man. talking about the Islamic practice of (recm) throwing stones at someone till they die
The fact is no one has been executed in Turkey for decades but in sharia sadly women get stoned most of the time :(
The girl would be stoned not me nt.
I'd say you either haven't kissed the girl you love or haven't kissed a good kisser.
The first serious one(with all the tongue action etc.) was when I was 16. Kissing is so underrated.
ZOTAC Cup Masters Predictions
Not bad tbh. mibr wins probably still pretty decent predictions