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Are you fakeflagging?
I don't know if you are Russian or not. I grew up in Turkey, full of rightist propaganda by Mr Erdogan. I know what right and its rhetoric look like and I see a LOT of it on these forums, it's a prett...
Are you fakeflagging?
As I've said, it's one of the most right-leaning platforms "I've", personally, ever been on. I'm not talking about baiting or trolling. If you truly don't think this site is full of racist people you ...
Are you fakeflagging?
I've never fakeflagged on HLTV but this is one of the most right-leaning platforms I've ever been on and the amount of racism due to anonymity is incredible. Some people can't handle it so they change...
faceit mm dead
lol n1
faceit mm dead
why do you think it's a bait?
faceit mm dead
you were particularly lucky I guess. I'm saying tops 3 because one guy on my team got VACed mid-match and the other two dropped 45 bombs with some incredibly shady kills so who knows. Cheaters do exis...
faceit mm dead
I have a respectable trust factor and have played against tops 3 cheaters in my last 40 maps or so. Just get your trust factor up and alls good.
overrated people
Christopher Nolan- has proved he can consistently create some of the greatest movies ever produced. Karl Marx- 1/3 of the world population was living under ideas influenced by him+ he is great at poin...
Cheap 144 Hz
base 144hz models from all the brands have shit colors.
+1. 1.5/8 maybe because he tried really hard to write in broken grammar as well
But Its ridiculous how one footballmatch in 2014
I disapprove your name mate.
MAJ3R Sexist ?
yea it's pretty neat
MAJ3R Sexist ?
Rakı and military bands are pretty cool inventions tbh. Everyone loves military bands, am i rite?
Guessing rank by music
MAJ3R Sexist ?
It's actually the incredibly rough translation of a Turkish saying. "Every successful man has a woman behind her." Its intent is to give the undue credit to women. Not going to deny it, certainly has ...