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black dude kills 4 because of racism
the only logical person talking from a reasonable perspective in the whole hltv is you lmao this site is unbearable teeming with alt-right sympathizers and straight-out neonazis
Your Childhood crush????????
katy perry
Question about s1mple
s1mple didn't even want to be a primary awper until seized departed and nobody could reliably awp.
Is homophobia and transphobia freedom of speech?
Exactly.. it is better for the society as a whole for people who can't even follow linear logic to be banned from commenting on the mentioned issues.
Fantasy chat is not censored
The people in both of my fantasy leagues were so talkative and polite I double-checked if the fantasy game was a separate entity from HLTV or not.
Join League
https://www.hltv.org/fantasy/6/league/1074/join?secret=C7C946A84BEBBCC03CEDFDDBB94B96B4 PILE ON!
Fantasy bigger leagues
This is the best update HLTV has received in months, maybe years. The UI is pretty neat and easy to use. Thanks and well done Mr. Nomad
Billie Eilish
exactly what I meant. I dislike pop, in general, but "you should see me in a crown" was on FIFA 19's soundtrack so I had to listen to it anyway and ended up liking it very much.
Billie Eilish
she is actually VERY cute when she smiles. I see how her melancholic/depressive style made her famous, but she is an adorable 17 yo. Hope she evolves her persona to a more mature one along the way.
How much money you got?
To be honest it all depends on your age and education kardesim. Hit me up in dms if you would like to learn the details.
How much money you got?
I will stay in academia and devote my life to teaching and learning. I think it is a virtuous thing to do and it makes me happy and satisfied. Whatever works for you bro, go do it.
How much money you got?
I will. Maybe in the us maybe in canada.
How much money you got?
I'm studying psychology with a history minor. Its pretty nice. I've been to some gender studies classes, they are extremely boring and useless imo but not as bad as what your average rightist conspira...
How much money you got?
Turkey, studying in Canada.