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HLTV become Christians!
"Everyone is entitled to live their own ways in any way they see fit" ok cool thanks, I'll go murder some dudes. my life my rules lol
Top 10 awpers 2018
changed the list slightly oskar is definitely clear top4, in terms of rating. 1.11 at big events this year, while most of the people below him that have played at the same level are almost .1 below h...
Top 10 awpers 2018
1) s1mple 2) device 3) GuardiaN 4) oskar 5) chrisJ 6) FalleN 7) kennyS 8) nitr0 9) woxic 10) cerq close behind: snatchie, JUGi, smooya edit: fixed
Astralis ZZZZZZZ
Bait rating: 1/8 1/3: almost up to date bait, but past use-by-date. OP clearly been living in a cave and thinks this bait is still good 0/3: not believable: cliche vocab choices, pretends to be a bra...
Is faceit free?
press the play button on 5v5 (not the premium one)
M16r laugh thread
eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr https://www.hltv.org/matches/2326404/astralis-vs-liquid-faceit-major-2018 Liquid could do this too, especially in a tournament that's not suited for Astralis (barely any prep time,...
M16r laugh thread
top 3? no way lmao top 4 max
mibr laugh thread
know you learn good englando
pick something she'll like so she knows you give a shit about her something slightly romantic but not over the top scary movies to get her to cuddle up to you sounds great but that shit isn't romant...
Brazilians 16-0 collection
all on dust2 lmao
Astralis 0-3
> watch dominant top 1 team > see them win yet another T1 tournament > they lose one close grand final > they drop one Bo1 in 4 OTs, but win the other 3 > "They need to renew themselves again before ...
Lekr0 fuck your mother
'hehe pls' when did I say that NiP were lucky? I thought they deserved to win, but that's beside the point. This idiot is saying it's impossible for an undeserved win to happen people just read what ...
Lekr0 fuck your mother
this might be the dumbest thing I've read on HLTV so there's NEVER been a case in history, in something that involves luck, that someone has won undeservedly? How delusional can you be
I got an inferno drop!
congrats on wasting money? obviously you don't need a VPN for that, you think valve gives a shit about people buying CS:GO more for a tiny chance of a drop? lol
I got an inferno drop!
It's per steam account, not per twtich account lmao