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HLTV Real Top 10
"Solid over all, beat all top teams into their prime tournament form and one bad tournament shouldn’t define a 3 month span of god like performances" bro are you high? They didn't get to a final in 1...
NIP isnt third
tiebreakers that take more than 5 seconds to calculate are pretty dumb for spectator sports yeah. Especially when you don't let your commentators know so they say the wrong team will finish 3rd lmao...
NIP isnt third
got it wrong hang on NiP beat NaVi, AVANGAR and lost to ENCE MIBR beat ForZe, NaVi and lost to AVANGAR NiP: 1+9+0.5(8+10) = 10+9 = 19 MIBR: 10+1+0.5(8+5) = 11+6.5 = 17.5
NIP isnt third
1. Points between the tied teams 2. Neustadl score* for whole group 3. Round difference between tied teams 4. Round difference for the whole group 5. Sudden Death Shootout (1st, 2nd and 3rd place only...
scammed in minecraft. Sad.
did you really go on a minecraft forum to find this pasta https://hypixel.net/threads/straw_fingers-scammed-me-in-skyblock.2184439/
NoChance coach
comeback? to what? he was wrong, I corrected him. "lame"
NoChance coach
you don't have to get mad just because you weren't born in 2013
NoChance coach
he won a CS:GO major, noob
ZywOo likeable
i barely go on forums and i know it, smh fake hltv user
ZywOo likeable
nope, you just weren't there for it lol https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1291026/whats-your-full-name
If G2 win...
rip OP
TOP 20 Players Of CS:GO
he's literally the best in terms of top 20 each year. Pretty easily so, too. He's been on the best lineup on all time. I'd say he's #1, considering we're talking about the entirety of CS:GO.
Dupreeh dad
chest cancer. diagnosed in like 2010 so he fought it for ages
dude, it's free to watch everywhere just go on youtube
HellRaisers vs Heroic
shame mertz left, they would have been a really good team imo guess i'm changing my flair. nato isn't that bad but mertz is much better and what they needed to become a topish team