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first anime you watched?
if it wasnt dbz then u did something wrong
mousesports vs Nemiga
what the hell are u talking about theyve lost to LUL100, LULDLULC , Pride (lmao), goodjob (hilarious), and wololos. they beat keksilon and some UK trash and throwdigo. mouz could beat them with 2 ...
if mouz will win
lul these ball lickers wont win they can only play bitch maps like nuke
it will be funny if its faze vs mouz in the finals
new maps
bring back aztec ... idk how they butchered it so badly it was fine the way it was in 1.6/cz bring back old aztec and italy-- they changed italy in csgo and i dont like it i want the old 1.6/cz ...
OpTic Changes
the NA optic > EU optic. just never understood the desire to move it to an EU based lineup. the NA roster was dope, obv they werent top 1 NA but there were still good and won a tournament last year i...
OpTic win ECS S4 Finals
i prefer MoronB0Y
Texas shooting
o and if im so dumb, how come I knew beforehand that there would be more shootings after the texas one. and i was right theres probably been 5 or more since then. today was 2 in one day in 2 differ...
Texas shooting
lul ur just a salty EU tard that thinks he so superior to everyone LUL ur not well ur name is "oldhickoryhammike" LMFAO go eat some more pig u retard
Texas shooting
nope nt noob lol ur a peanut brain and who bailed EU out of ww2? o right thats US.
Texas shooting
na urs is dude ur dumb af. there was multiple school shootings today across 2 different states on the opposite sides of the country. I know what I'm talking about ur just some dumb EU tard.
Texas shooting
lol uk no brain
Texas shooting
typical no brain computer nerd with 0 intuition.. stuck in retard mode 4 life gg
Texas shooting
i dont know but id imagine it would feel probably worse than it does now... if u cant sense things with ur sixth sense then ur just a retard
Texas shooting
im just fine... if u lay there at night and think this world is "heavenly" and "paradise" and just an all around great world ... then wake the fuck up assmunch