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So avangar is also a trash team?
Poor Malek :(
No thats kane
FlipSid3 vs AVANGAR
Every player regressed since then. Waylander used to be alot better, B1ad3 could at least hit double digits in frags. 2016 Shara in this lineup would actually have been their best player. Also team sp...
FlipSid3 vs AVANGAR
They almost took SK to three maps in the quarter final 2 years ago, with a roster that is worse on paper (they had Shara). Since then every player has regressed badly, now they can't do shit without e...
Crosshair color
Norwegian girls > Swedish girl ?
as a norwegian guy, i'd say norwegian girls are more cute and down to earth. the swedes are more fun and experimental. so norway for wife material, i guess. there are more natural light blondes in sw...
Norwegian girls > Swedish girl ?
I would say the faroese have more celtic in them than the rest of scandinavia
1024 sens?
I typed !sens on his stream and it said mouseaccel 1.05 or smth, could be wrong though. But I would think that his stream is a better source than prosettings
1024 sens?
he uses accel too
Its not Ukraine
don't really see the problem. ethnically they aren't ukranian? only bondik and zeus have ukranian surnames? when you have middle-easterners and blacks representing your country, then we can talk
Sea levels rising
why you fucking jews reject the truth
Why is he shirtless?? That's so typical ghetto behaviour
Tried CS:GO on Linux but it felt laggy/stuttering for me.
NOTBAD vs Nemiga
except finland but looks like russian name
GX vs subtLe
Chris Hansen comes in "Have a seat over there please"