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Cold I love U
Mg, all this salty brazillians insulting GuardiaN just because of his prediction. It's not like he is saying SK are shits or what. Also in interviews he always said that SK are best team in the world ...
Respect GuardiaN
I believed in him. I was defending him when everyone called him washed up. And I knew in that time he will comeback, because from his interviews and streams I understand how important for him is a goo...
oskar and offer from team liquid
Stop it with these bullshits...
Top AWPers
Maybe someone like FalleN IGL + AWP.
SK vs Space Soldiers
Space Soldiers not checking corners and SK lucky af in some rounds, GG WP SK.
SK vs Space Soldiers
I have no words...
SK vs Space Soldiers
Space Soldiers would be winners rn, but they're making stupid mistakes...
SK vs Space Soldiers
WTF Space Soldiers... Not checking basic corners, and losing rounds...
Space Soldiers vs mousesports
Nice way to throw game Mousesports...
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
GuardiaN couldn't even get a frag. Insane game by rain, olof and NiKo.
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
Yeah, but also this match was supposed to be easy or at least certain win for FaZe and we see the result. :D
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
Well, whatever the reason is, they have to find solution really quickly or maybe don't underestimate the opponents, because this could end really bad for them.
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
This, absolutely no respect from Vega and it worked for them. But after match against Liquid and now against Vega, I don't know but something is not working in FaZe right now.
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
Horrible performance by FaZe. Also the grenades from Vega are insane, so many kills with them.