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ropz dad :'(
MGK vs Eminem
Well, you see it like this and it's your opinion, so I'm not going to persuade you about something else.
MGK vs Eminem
If these are only things you heard in that diss, no wonder it's trash for you. :D
MGK wins come here
This bar is also interesting : "I say one call to Interscope and you're Swayze". It's clearly reference to Patrick Swayze and his Ghost movie, but also Patrick Swayze died at September 14 and this dis...
What's the reasons MIBR/SK and North are hated so much?
I think you would be very surprised, if you would see the SK/MIBR fans in thier former glory. :D
18+ Twitch Hot
18+ Twitch Hot
Man, if you would see her before surgeries, you wouldn't give her even 2/10 LUL
Astralis vs FaZe
Well tbh, I know Astralis is much better than FaZe right now, and they are absolutely the favorite to win this. But I hit FaZe button just because I believe they can do it as their fan.
Best players of cs:go (all time)
Absolutely. I can only think how it wold be without GuardiaN's injury and problems in Na'Vi after 2015. The debate about number 1 awper of all time in CS:GO would be much more spicy.
Best players of cs:go (all time)
Ah... I'm talking about 2015. Only about 2015. He wrote that kennyS was best awper in 2015, I wrote facts why he wasn't. I'm not taking away anything from kennyS. I didn't even wrote that GuardiaN in...
News about CSGO update
Best players of cs:go (all time)
GuardiaN was #2 in 2015. In that major where kennyS won the mvp was GuardiaN best rated player. But envyus won so kennyS got it (He was insane too, so deserved). GuardiaN had better stats than kennyS ...
Top 5 the most arrogant pros
"Shut up faggot kid" was Coldzera's reaction to some random guy on twitter when he lost the game LOL.
I don't really remember if GuardiaN really was an IGL in Na'Vi. I mean he was team captain for some time, but it was outside of the game (team activities and so on). There was also slovak interview in...
Best players of cs:go (all time)
Stop spamming everywhere kennyS was best sniper in 2015. You clearly know it's not true. LOL