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Liverpool showing us their true face now
Imagine watching female CS kkkkkkkkkkk
HLTV updates team pages!
covid REKT
I mean, technology is always advancing and with a global health emergency this big pushing everyone to the limit it's not a surprise that it was made this fast (think of it like the game Plague Inc.: ...
covid REKT
Well if Brazilian government was paying our press then they would be saying quite the opposite of what they're saying now, since our federal government also seems to think that the pandemic was fabric...
covid REKT
meanwhile in Brazil we're not even close to ending this. The president blames the media for "creating panic", advocates against the use of masks claiming they are bad for you and give you attention pr...
#1 Team
VP with old lineup :,(
1 year!
22 years for me
SK teases "O PLANO"
Admin bait thread Bruh how long have I been out of the forums?
Tipping in restaurants?
really uncommon around here and when there are tips, the 10% value is already embedded on the final price, example: if I go to a restaurant and waste 50 BRL the cashier will bill me 55 (but it's not m...
snow sweet snow 1
"ENCE #194" Remember when ENCE used to be #2? Damn good old days
HLTV Top 100
Nice job bro! How did you manage to find top 31-100?
HLTV Top 100
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