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UK girls
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UK girls
50% of teenagers unemployed fam
dennis free agent
cheering for faze is boring
nah 0/8
cheering for faze is boring
you just flamed yourself, being the best at crime isn't an achievement you complete mong
cheering for faze is boring
yeah u relate to favelas, all u know is crime
cheering for faze is boring
apple and google don't have a csgo team, nice fake flag
No drags, you just have to use the WASD keys to align the crosshair with the head... yep
yeah cuz they wanted an all swedish team, nt tho
why so much s1mple hate?
Gold nova, what? It has nothing to do with ranks, I just couldn't understand what you were saying cuz what you said had no grammar and made zero sense when reading it, dumbass LOL. You speak like, ...
smooya is better than your whole scene, not even Kappa
why so much s1mple hate?
Typical NA brain, right here. How are major placings not the definition of success, are you dumb? Or maybe, just maybe... Elige was also the problem. Hmm. Thank god, you're not involved with CS as...
why so much s1mple hate?
What? Please type better england, thank you. Sentence doesn't make sense, more education for you now pls
why so much s1mple hate?
It wasn't like Na'vi weren't struggling before s1mple joined... ooo wait, i was wrong they were. autism in the brain? zeus kicked and seized moved to igl, but not struggling guys trust.
why so much s1mple hate?
Nah s1mple left cuz he didn't want to play with noobs. Sorry that the most success that na cs ever had in csgo was when an EU player carried them in the majors xD You speak like you know what you're...